How To Open And Verify Paypal Account In Nigeria

How to Open and Verify a Nigerian Paypal Account in Nigeria

Before, using Paypal in Nigeria is a secret affair that people practise through back doors but at the moment, you can use paypal in Nigeria freely. This is because Paypal now accepts Nigerians on its payment platform. You can apply for your own paypal account and verify it right here in Nigeria. Nigerians can now send and receive money worldwide using Paypal through a secured gateway.

paypal-How To Sign Up For PayPal In Nigeria

Owning a paypal account in Nigeria comes in easy steps. The steps below would assist you in signing up for a paypal account in Nigeria.

1. Go over to Paypal Nigeria website
and click on ‘Sign Up’ on the right corner of the site.

2. Fill in your information (including a valid email address) in the ‘Individual Section’ after choosing Personal Account.

3. Click on ‘Agree’ and Create An Account

Without paypal verification, your account would be placed under a limit for spending ($250). To remove this restriction, you need to verify your paypal account by linking your bank account with the paypal account. This is achieved using a Naira MasterCard from GT Bank, First Bank, Access Bank, UBA, Zenith, Skye, and other commercial banks.

How To Put Money In Your Paypal Account: Fund Nigerian Paypal Account With Credit/Debit ATM Card
Paypal Limitations/Restrictions: Since a Nigerian Paypal account cannot receive fund from another paypal account at the moment, funding your account is the same as funding your bank account. When you make payment with paypal, your bank account would be charged automatically at the prevailing rates. This also suggests that when you deposit in your bank account, you credit the Paypal account.

How To Verify Paypal Account With Naira Credit Or Debit MasterCard/VisaCard

Using A GTB Naira Master Card(Any Nigerian Bank’s Visa or MasterCard Debit/Credit ATM Cards will work)

The first step in verifying a paypal account is to activate your paypal acct by using the link in the activation mail sent to your e-mail. Click on it and voila! your paypal account is verifed.

The second step is to link the paypal account with your Naira credit or debit card details. From the dashboard in your account, click on ‘link and confirm credit/debit card’ or ‘Get verified.’ Type in your GTB Mastercard information and click on you need to link and confirm your credit or debit
card. Click on “Continue”. $1.95 (less than #400) would be deducted from your card and later refunded in 24hrs. An activation code would be sent to your email or phone from your bank. Here is an example of such code: PP* 0123CODE 0123456789FF. All you need to do is copy the four digits before CODE, login into your paypal account and click on ‘Confirm Card.’ Type in the 4 digits code and click ‘confirm’. A success message comes up notifying you that your account has been verified.

I’ll be willing to know how you opened paypal acct and which card you used in verifying your Nigerian Paypal.

How to Open and Verify a Foreign Paypal Account in Nigeria

Has it happened to you? You have seen a legitimate business that you can do and make good money but when you check the payment section, you saw PayPal! Paypal and it problem again.

And the next thing that came into your mind was that, you as a Nigerian can’t use PayPal to collect payment. Moreover, you can used it to send money, which is the most stupid thing of all.

Anyway, if the heading of this post was what you type on your search engine to get a solution, then you’re in the right place.

You and I knows that in Nigeria we must always find a way where there seems to be no way.

I have over here the best method that is legit and you don’t have to be afraid of Paypal closing your account if you have money in it.

I will advice you. Do not try to bypass PayPal by using those tricks that other bloggers do suggest. Such as; changing of your laptop IP, using a UK number and address or not verifying it.

All those tricks has repercussion. PayPal is very strict when it comes to scrutinization. And they know all these tricks themselves. After all, it is all over the internet. This is why once in a while, they do upgrade their program.

What of if you have $100 in your PayPal and they do upgrading on their program? What do you think will happen to your money?

Here is what is going to happen. Your real IP will display the next time you login either to check or withdraw. And when that is done, they can get your real country. Because with your laptop IP, they will get which country you’re browsing from. To cut the story short, you lose your money. All of it.

Here is the Paypal Solution

If you have someone you can trust. It can be your friend, brother or sister, or even a relative living in the UK or any country that PayPal is not restricted like Nigeria. Explain your situation to that person. Since your reason for opening the account is legit.

Plead with the person to help you open an account. If the person do buy things on the internet, he or she needs to have a verified PayPal account. And if the person has, that solves the problem.

He/she stands for you in receiving your payment. That’s, you will be using the person’s PayPal account (it’s just an email address) to receive money from your online job and the person will be sending you the money via any methods of money transfer that are available in Nigeria.

Now, if the person does not have any, such person will have to create an account with his or her name so that they can use their documents and ID to process and verify the PayPal account because PayPal will request for them.

If the person has an account in that country, he/she will need to use his or her credit card to verify the account. It is just about linking the normal bank account to the person’s PayPal account and the person will be charge a little fee (not more than $2), it may not even be up to that.

This is done so withdrawal can be done easily. After the account has created and verified, you will have to collect the email address and password. You are now free to do business online and get paid with PayPal.

You just need to be close contact with this person. Anytime you are alerted of payment via your email, do not login to check. Chances are PayPal will track your IP and will request you send some means of identification which is scanning your ID to them for security purpose so as to ensure someone from Nigeria is not intruding into another person’s account.

Tell that person to help you check the account if payment has truly entered.

And this is how you can legitimately open and verify a PayPal account in Nigeria.

Hope you found this information useful? Please let me know your thought and drop your questions if you have any in the comment box. Do not forget to share this post with others.

PayPal For Nigerians: Opening A PayPal Account In Nigeria, Fund Paypal, Send and Receive Paypal Money, Make Payment Online.

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