10+ Online Payment Methods In Nigeria For Small Internet Businesses


The world have grown pass doing transaction with raw cash. Payment has now gone digital even in a developing country like Nigeria. Though there are hitches but it gets better by the day.

Today we are going to bring to your notice the different trusted online payment methods in Nigeria because even banks in Nigeria have gone digital.

Western Union: Western Union money transfer can be used to transfer fund online from any part of the world. And to receive such fund, you must have a valid international passport, driver’s license or national identity card. This method of payment is easy and also used to send large sums of money. The charge for this method of payment is very high. Therefore it does not encourage payment of little cash.

Interswitch: Interswitch helps Nigerians to access their funds in any of the commercial bank online in Nigeria. It is another very good and reliable means to make payment. It allows transactions from different types of payment channels world wide.

It support verve cards, mastercards etc. they also offer 3 different payment options which include quickteller which acts like a shop. Payment for goods and services can be done through the quickteller platform. It also be used to pay for flight tickets, utility bills, buy airtime, etc.

Paydirect is another online payment option offered by interswitch which is very good for small and medium businesses in Nigeria. It enables funds to be received directly into an account without any report. Paydirect also offer the service of receiving funds directly into an account with detailed report on who made the payment and at what time the transaction took place. Interswitch cards are debit cards issued by Nigeria commercial banks.

SimplePay: SimplePay is another secured and reliable method of making online payment in Nigeria. Here, all you need is a gateway e-mail address and a bank account to make or receive payment through the internet. This payment method is very good for small businesses, online businesses and individuals. This service allows its customers to send money for free.

2checkout is another method suitable for those who do businesses or render services online. All you need to do is register on 2checkout and set the button on your page. With this, you can receive funds from anywhere irrespective of the platform your client is using. It accepts credit cards and debit cards. It also helps to monitor an account.

UBA UCollect: UBA UCollect is another secured payment method. It is owned by UBA and it allows business people to accept online payment for goods and services. It accepts the different cards available in Nigeria such as Visa, master and verve cards. UBA UCollect is the middleman between a business man, the card holder and their financial institutions. It saves time and discourages the use of raw cash to do a business transaction.

Zenith Bank GlobalPay: Zenith bank GlobalPAY allow business men with active websites to receive card payment from their clients from any part of the world using a prepaid, debit or credit card. With this method of payment, funds are received immediately it is done. Zenith bank Globalpay accepts both local and international card and this helps to expand a business once d business can be done online. It help in monitoring transactions and keep records of such transactions, once the money is sent, there will be no delay in receiving it and it encourages cashless transactions.

CashEnvoy is a very fast and convenient online payment method in Nigeria. It has a web application that enables sending of money from a person to a merchant through its application. It allows sending of money without sharing any financial details or any account information. It allows the use of debit cards for transaction and it’s a much secured means to pay for goods and services.

GTBank GTPay is another secured and very flexible means of making payment and receiving cash both locally and internationally. It accepts cards issued locally and internationally. It accepts visa cards, master cards and interswitch. It’s a very fast means of making payment and it promotes cashless policy in the Nigerian economy.

Diamond WebPay: Diamond WebPay is a transaction gateway initiated by diamond bank to allow easy, convenient, flexible and secured transaction from any part of the world. It accepts multiple cards and allows for payment irrespective of the type of card been used globally.

Payza: Payza is another online method of payment that uses only one major currency which is the dollars and the account must be domiciled in American dollars and can be withdrawn through a Nigerian domiciliary account. With this payment method, you can also receive payment from credit cards.

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