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The global e-commerce industry has witnessed the tremendous growth in all areas. However this growth does not seem to decline any time soon. Competition has been the major factor which has largely contributed to its huge growth.

To compete effectively with other large businesses, you will need to develop an efficient online marketing strategy to convert visitors into sales.

This is what this article seeks to accomplish by exposing you to highly effective online marketing ideas you can use to grow your business and expand patronage. Below are some exciting strategies to use;

Creating Highly Engaging How-to Video Content

This is currently one of the most effective online marketing strategies used by both small and large businesses to market their product and services. However, you need to be highly creative with your videos in order to keep your viewers glued to the videos. Such videos should focus on how to solve certain problems, especially those related to your products and services. Over the years there has been a gradual shift from text based marketing strategies to the creation of video content as these and more engaging and easily pass the message of cross.

This solves the problem of an ever-decreasing attention span of your target market. Your videos should convey every detail about your products and services and should be very explicit an exciting. The main aim here is to succeed in convincing your target audience to patronise such products and services.

Cart Abandonment Emails

These are specifically targeted emails for shoppers who for one reason or the other commence the process of shopping but do not follow through. By sending highly personalized emails to them, such as those bearing their names as well as the products and services they have shown interest in, you are able to attractive these hesitant shoppers by offering them great deals as well as discounts. In addition to this your cart abandonment emails should contain the value or benefits of such products and services.

In trying to convince them to complete their shopping, your response time should be short. In other words it should not take long to send such messages after these customers abandon their purchase. When sending these nails, you should make use of your personal information which include their address, their names as well as other details which may be relevant. The email should also be accompanied with positive reviews about the products.

Create Exciting and Highly Informative Blog Posts

Although this online marketing idea will require some time to build reputation, once done, it is a very effective method of online marketing that can attract huge sales and patronage for your business. Having a blog means that you need to continually update information on such blog to remain relevant to your visitors. The content of your blog should be such that reflects the benefits of your product and services. In other words it should adequately promote your business to your reading audience.

For this to be highly effective, you can incorporate both video and text content to effectively pass across the information intended. This method is highly effective and used by both small scale businesses as well as large scale businesses.

Buyer/Client Review is an Important Marketing Tool

This marketing tool is highly necessary if you need to attract increased client patronage. The benefit of having your satisfied clients review your products and services is that it improves the perception of your business by new clients. Trust is what results in the process. Without trust there is little or no possibility of attracting seals. It is the bedrock of doing business and having this advantage can significantly impact your business.

What you should be placed strategically your website or online. Enables anyone visiting your website or blog to easily go through the review of existing or satisfied clients to help in making up his or her mind. This marketing strategy has been known to considerably with use cases of abandoned carts.

Weave your Business Around Major Shopping Events

To create excitement and to make your business more attractive to your target market, you will need to weave your business activities around major events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday amongst others. This is a great way to dispose old stock as well as generate excitement around your business. Apart from the huge discounts available during events, it gives you the opportunity of making your clients happy as well as increasing the possibility of attracting loyal clients. You can also provide your unique discount events as well.

Convert your Visitors to Clients

It is necessary to note that not every visitor to your website or your online store is interested in actually buying a product. Some of these may just want to have an idea of what is available or what is not. Some of the visitors may be interested in scouting for good deals while some others just want to make a purchase. All of these categories of visitors or clients are very important to your business.

For those interested in simply going through available products on your online store, you can target this set of people through their email addresses which they supply and sending them exciting deals and offers they cannot resist. By tracking their activities on your online store and sending them information relevant to their searches on a frequent basis.

Listing your Business on Niche Directories

Promoting your business is a key part of marketing. Therefore an important online marketing idea to use is the use of niche directories. Niche directory simply offers you the opportunity of placing your business in the forefront for increase visibility. Although it presents huge benefits for businesses, a lot of business owners know little or nothing about this opportunity. Hands for clients seeking specific services or products, your business comes up in their online searches readily.

Creating Mobile-First Friendly Designs

Over the years, there has been a huge change in the way people access the internet. Offices has shifted from the use of pcs to the use of hand held or mobile devices. This means that in designing your online platform, you should first pay consideration to users of mobile devices as they form the bulk of people using the internet. In doing this, you will need to be very creative in how you use space as well as graphics as this will require a more limited work space. After designing you will need to conduct tests to make sure your designs conformed to the required specifications.

These and several others are examples of online marketing ideas you can use to attract increased patronage for your products and services through the conversion of online visitors into active clients. It is important that when using online marketing strategies, you should find out as much information as possible and fully implement these for best results.

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