Internet Business Ideas For Corpers During NYSC

Profitable Online Business Ideas For Corpers Before, During and After NYSC

I must first say a BIG congratulation for been qualified to be listed for NYSC. You have been posted to a state to go and serve your country and you are likely thinking of an internet business you can venture into as a corper during your free time.

I know for sure to an average corper, the normal monthly allowance given to you by the Nigerian Government is not always enough to cater for your expenses. There is money to be made on the internet only if you are told the right source to get it from.

Brilliant Ways To Make Money Online During NYSC As a Youth Corper
If you are a corper and you are still looking for an internet business to venture into for the period of your NYSC, in this post I will be sharing some internet business that you can venture into as a corper and make good money so you don’t need to depend on federal government monthly allowance on salary you will paid from the organization you will posted to.

Benefits of Internet Business

• It gives you extra pocket money before your allowance comes.
• It helps sharpen your skill and knowledge while still getting paid for your services.
• You are never in short of cash.
• You can venture into internet business full-time if you find it too profitable to abandon.


Data entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are some of the most convenient online jobs that one can operate from anywhere there is an internet connection. Though is doesn’t pay a lot but it is worth your free time. I know you may be wondering how you are going to make money doing data entry job, it is very easy but let me clarify your thought.

Data entry jobs involves you entering some data into a computer system database, you will be given some code words and a space for you to type that same code word into the system using a data processing software given to you by the company.

Any corper going into this business must be very cautious because they are lots of scam sites online.
Different sites has different means of payment but I will advise you go for the one that pays via payza or any payment processing platform that allows Nigeria to cash their funds. Some sites will require a sign-up fee, the majority of legitimate sites don’t require any sign-up fee to be paid


You must be very fast in typing without grammatical errors. Accuracy is very essential when it comes to doing data entry jobs.

Online freelance Journalism

There are some sites in Nigeria that gives opportunities for freelance journalism, you can become one. Your job is to be updating the sites on news happening in your location of services or you could meet with the editor to be dropping latest news on any niche for a particular fee.

I once heard of someone who was doing this and used the money he was getting to start up a business while as a corper. You can meet with news blogs and drop your proposal with them, they will be very happy to give you a try, and you don’t need to be a mass communication student to do online freelance journalism.

What a good internet business for you to make money per post you submit, and you can choose to work with two blogs at the same time submitting two different post either on the same niche or different niche.


The business of writing is now becoming a hot cake with many people venturing into the industry. As a graduate and a corper, you also can claim your own share of the cake. You can write for online journals and blogs who need content to update their sites.

As far as you have a good writing skill, you can make money in the internet during NYSC and use it to assist yourself financially. Becoming a writer do not need any qualification, you just need to submit a sample to the client and if approve, you are good to go.

Graphic Designing

Are you good with Photoshop and Corel draw? Can you design a cover page of a book, flyer or hand bills? With the increase of the usage of social media, many brands are moving from just content marketing to using visual to promote their products.

You can become a graphic design freelancer and work with many brands online, the demand is very high to the extent that I was even asked if I render the service of graphic designing because they also see me uploading good image online.

You can register on freelancing sites so you can work with many clients around the world and be paid for your services.

Don’t waste your time gisting, watching television or doing things that don’t add value or money to you. These are internet business you can do as a whether as a student or a corper during NYSC so you can take charge of your financial life.

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