Creative Office Space Ideas For Small Businesses

Innovative Office Space Ideas for Small Spaces in Business

Small office Space ideas, as with every other decision that the entrepreneur has to make, will involve considering such factors such as the necessity of obtaining an office to begin with as well as ensuring that procuring such an office space comes under a budget.

The office has assumed greater significance for the present day millennial. Not only has the office become a place for high tech meetings and sessions; for some executives and members of staff, it plays the role of being a home away from home.

Hence, the office space must be used judiciously and effectively, in order to allow the business, management and staff function at optimal levels.

Creative office space design can be seen as both an art and a science. It is an art because certain studies and research show that the ambiance and serenity of the office space influences the mood and alertness of the average employee.

Office space design can also be viewed as a Science when viewed in terms of work place conditions and ergonomics. These considerations, when properly instituted, ensure that human productivity and health levels are maximized.

Other options available to the entrepreneur include:

Cool Small Office Space Ideas to Maximize Profit

  1. Utilizing Start-ups and Accelerators

These 21st century structures permit the business without an overriding need for space, collaborate with other businesses to share work spaces and enjoy the benefits that come with sharing ideas with mentors and peers.

  1. Looking at Unconventional Spaces

The business does not have to go out of its way in obtaining premium office space at a high cost. The business can consider other places like warehouses and even residential buildings. An advantage with this move is that there could be less competition from rivals and the business can get to pay less on rental fees.

In the event that the business considers the acquiring of office space essential to it its needs, the following are office space ideas that can be used right now:

  1. Obtaining a Virtual Assistant

Modern offices can avail themselves of a virtual reality assistant programmed with speech and voice recognition. With this virtual assistant, management and staff can schedule appointments, search for files remotely, display images and data on screens, call a taxi service or play music. Amazon Echo is an example of a modern-day virtual assistant.

  1. Go for Paintings and other Artworks

While it is expected that the typical office space will be outfitted with books, cabinets, files and other standard office paraphernalia, the business can also bring in works of art, to create another dimension to the office experience. Such works of art have been known to spur the creative muse of members of staff, as well as whittle down the effects of monotony in the work place.

  1. Put up a White Board

Offices can utilize empty walls by putting up a white board, where members of staff can use markers to jot minutes for minutes, ideas and strategies as well as company aims, objectives and targets. These activities serve to shore up the energy and verve of employees, which will portray the business in a positive light, to customers and visitors.

  1. Try Stand-up Desks

The business can change the topography of the office layout, with the introduction of stand-up desks. Stand-up desks not only tend to convey the message of a driven, smart and sturdy work force, the health benefits of alternating from sitting to standing, will serve employees in good stead. In addition to these benefits, Stand-up desks make an office look modern and functional.

  1.  Go for a Flat Screen TV

The business can tune up the office layout with the introduction of a flat screen TV, on an empty wall.  The TV can be programmed to continually beam to employees, customers and visitors alike, about the vision and mission statement s of the business.

In addition, such devices are excellent media in communicating important information regarding company products/services, upcoming events, company videos as well as other material.

  1. Setup a Number of Wall Clocks

This business can also set-up the office space, with the introduction of several wall clocks that depict different time zones. Not only will employees appreciate the value of time and the premium the business places on this resource; this office space idea will serve to make staff and management give thought to what goes on in markets and business environments outside their bases of operation.

  1.  Go green with Plants

This office space idea will serve businesses that seek to draw energy and inspiration from nature. Nurturing a plant takes discipline, time and commitment; ideals that the business expects from its management and employees.

In addition, the presence of plant life will make the office feel warm, approachable and modern.  Plant décor can also be arranged in such a way as to bolster the general aesthetics of the office space.

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