Obstacles to Wealth Creation – Your Self Limiting Beliefs

Biggest Barrier to Wealth is Your Self Limiting Beliefs

People hold themselves to beliefs that are actually not true in reality but once they have that belief, they wouldn’t want to convince themselves or allow someone else to convince them and tell them what is really true.

One important thing you should know is that what can be the biggest obstacle to your wealth and prosperity is the self limiting beliefs you have. This then means that if you do not want to create obstacles for the wealth you have, you should not have self limiting beliefs and if you already have them, find ways to eliminate such beliefs.

We should be careful of what we believe because it is what we believe that determines our fate in life. Some people even find themselves limited which is because of what they believe. To avoid self-limitation, you should change some of your beliefs to what is really true.

Belief is powered by desire and controlled by thoughts and actions which means that one’s success is measured by the strength the person has in belief. It is good to stay true to our beliefs and learn from mistakes but we shouldn’t stay true to certain beliefs when we realize that they are not as real and true as we thought.

Most times, business owners find their businesses failing without a particular reason. It is not as if there is no reason behind the failing business but they overlook things that can cause business failure because they see that reason as a natural thing that has nothing to do with their business.

Limiting beliefs are like silent barriers to our success in the sense that successful people who have limiting beliefs are ignorant of the fact that they have it and that is why they find it difficult to recognize such barriers and also eliminate it.

Limiting beliefs are what make it difficult for people to become men of their dream. Some of the self-limiting beliefs that serves as big barriers to wealth are:

• Having Fears of the Past

Most times, fear of the past sabotage good things one is supposed to do in the future. You will find yourself not doing things that might boost your wealth because of your past, probably something bad happened which you do not want a repetition of.

• Fear of Taking Risk

Another self-limiting belief is when you have this notion that all risks have negative result which is not true. If you take calculated risks, I mean calculated in the sense that you have weighed the advantages against the disadvantages then your risk will yield a positive result.

Most people will tell you that they got the belief from their parents that risks are unfortunate things you should not take. They think they are being helpful by telling us not to take risks not knowing that they are actually building up a belief that can sabotage our wealth.

Fear of taking risks act as barrier to wealth especially when you are thinking of the negative things that can happen after taking the risk while forfeiting or ignoring the good things that might come out of it.

Once you have full understanding of risks and how they should be taken, you will be able to build your life around it in such a way that you will identify risks that can be taken and those that cannot be taken immediately.

To know wealth self limiting beliefs and to avoid them, you should do the following:

Know what you Desire and Want

To know those beliefs that are not real and self-limiting, you should first know what you want, evaluate your goals, know what you want to achieve in life and go through them frequently so that they can be fresh on your mind.

You should know that wealth does not just happen, you have to make it happen by planning for your future and acting on it.

Know what You Are Fighting Against

Once you know what you want in life and what your dreams are, then you should know the self limiting beliefs you are fighting against to avoid them serving as barriers to your wealth and success.

You really need to know what self limiting beliefs you are fighting against so as to know what you are fighting against and also because everybody does not have the same limiting beliefs so you need to know what yours are.

To eliminate self limiting barriers serving as obstacles to creating wealth, you need to know what they are to avoid firing arrows into the wrong direction.

To recognize the self-limiting beliefs, study your perception and the world’s perception of who you are that is limiting you and also preventing you from taking action.

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