Nuclear Stress Test Cost – Average Price and Options

How Much Does a Nuclear Stress Test Cost?

How expensive is a nuclear stress test without insurance? What is the average cost of stress echocardiogram? Does medicare cover nuclear stress test?

A nuclear test is considered as one of the most important tests that will be carried out to ascertain the cause of pain in the chest and shortage of breath, especially after an exercise has just been done. When a patient has such complaints, it can be associated with high or low blood pressure, frequent dizziness which usually comes with body weakness when at rest.

Individuals suffering from heart diseases which involve abnormal heart beats will also get recommendations to carry out a nuclear stress test. A nuclear test can also be carried out to evaluate the state of the function of the heart in patients that have a past history of heart attack.

Nuclear stress test is very important to a patient suspected to have any issues with their heart and since there are a lot of diseases associated with the heart, there is so many queries on the cost of a Nuclear Stress Test.


How do they do a nuclear stress test? How long does it take? The nuclear stress test cost is most of the times attached to the importance of the test in determining the function of the heart. 

  • To carry out a nuclear thallium stress test, a patient will have to undergo two stages of the test. 
  • Test carried out while at rest
  • Test carried out after a strenuous exercise
  • The objective of the test will be to evaluate the heart’s working capacity in the area of blood supply to the rest of the body. 


How safe is a nuclear stress test? Apart from making inquiries about the heart nuclear stress test cost, a patient might wonder why the test is being carried out on him. The doctor might be presented with various reasons as to why the test should be carried out on a patient. For example, the test is sometimes recommended for the patient if the doctor needs to diagnose the coronary arteries. 

These arteries are responsible for the supply of blood vessels, oxygen and nutrients to the heart. When a patient suffers from a coronary artery disease, the arteries will be damaged as a result of build-up of plague within it.

One other reason why the test is being carried out is to view the image of the heart, its size and shape. When there is a complication of the heart, the doctors will see the heart in an enlarged form. And based on the analysis of the test results, it will be possible for the doctors to work out a treatment plan that will assist the patient in getting a solution to the problem.


So how much does a myocardial perfusion scan (nuclear stress test) cost near you? When a nuclear stress test is carried out, there are two different costs associated with the test: the cost of the test and that of the analysis. If a patient has insurance to cover a part of the cost of the nuclear stress, they may be expected to pay within the range of $200 and $400 depending on how much copay the patient is expected to pay.

Patients without insurance will be expected to pay about $1,000 to $5,000 for the cost of the nuclear stress test as well as the analysis. This price range will also vary depending on the location of the patient as well as the specialist that will carry out the test.


Other additional costs might be incurred by the patient depending on the state of health of the patient or if the patient requires a special attention, which could be due to the severity of the case. Patients that have a drug induced test will also be expected to bear the cost of their medications. Patients that need the application of radioactive materials may also be expected to pay more for their test and treatment.


Generally, if the test is carried out at a specialist clinic that has the appropriate certification to carry out the cardiolite nuclear stress test, the test is usually safe with few complications ever reported. But just as it is with other medical procedures, the nuclear stress test also has its own risk. 

It has been observed in some patients an allergic reaction to the radioactive dye after it is injected into their veins. Another issue a patient might encounter during the procedure is the irregular heart beat. These although are not much issues to worry about.


If a patient has insurance, the health insurance may cover for all the entire cost of the nuclear stress test. If not all, at least 70% of the cost. Patients may contact their insurer to confirm if their plans cover the cost of the test.

It is also possible to get discounts of up to 35% in some hospitals. This will benefit patients who do not have insurance. And some hospitals also have well simplified payment plans for patients who might not be able to pay the entire cost of the nuclear stress test at once.


If you want to know where to get a nuclear stress test done, you can contact the Heart Rhythm Society. They provide a directory of certified cardiologists who can give you the best services.

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