NonProfit Business Plan Executive Summary Sample – Example

Executive Summary for a Non-Profit Business Plan

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for your non profit organization? Do you have a desire of starting an non profit business but wonder how to write a good business plan, with special emphasis on the executive summary? If your answer to this question is yes, then you have come to the right place as this article will provide the information you need on what a good nonprofit business plan executive summary should look like.

The executive summary section of a business plan gives the first impression on the business to the investor. Therefore, if you want to qualify for funding, then you may want to give this section all the attention it deserves. The executive summary section contributes significantly to how successful a business becomes. By the end of this nonprofit business plan executive summary sample, you should be able to write your unique business plan executive summary.

Executive Summary

Centrally located in Dallas, the Arise Initiative is a non-profit organization which will provide mentoring for youths in the critical areas of development including the reduction of domestic and gun violence which have attained frightening levels. This will be achieved through partnerships with educational institutions which constitute the base of youth activities. Arise Initiative seeks to help youths develop interpersonal skills as well as encouraging these youths to take responsibility for their actions and decisions.

Many of these youths have given up on life, and it is the goal of Arise Initiative to create hope in them through the development of activities that will encourage them to see possibilities where they had hitherto seen darkness and despair. Arise Initiative will target the downtrodden youths in society who have failed or continue to fail academically. The juvenile system is another target of this non profit as it seeks to rehabilitate youths facing domestic and societal problems.

Middle school youths are the most vulnerable and easily affected. Thus, most of our efforts will be focused on this segment of the youth population with an aim to overturn their current predicament through the use of a systematic approach in handling these issues. A mentor system which adopts pairing of youths with mentors will be used. There will be a continuous training for mentors to help them use the best training strategies on the youths.

Our Mission

The mission of Arise Initiative is to offer critical support to youths who have reached a definitive time of their lives. At these times when there is so much confusion in striking a balance between societal goals and personal goals, delinquent behaviour is common place. Arise Initiative will seek to nip this in the bud by providing the much needed guidance and support.

A special system where youths involved with America’s juvenile system are constructively engaged is put in place for maximum impact. Every programme developed by the Arise Initiative is aimed at providing succour to confused and discouraged youths. It seeks to make them believe in themselves and develop respect for others as well as themselves.

Financial Overview

Arise Initiative is a non profit business aimed at impacting lives positively; to remain effective, we would require donations to remain in operation. Our start-up funding will primarily come from private savings from the founders. Within 3 years from the date of commencement of business, we will be able to foot some of our expenses through the development of money generating activities which will entirely be ploughed back into the business.


Through our activities, we will be actively involved in churning out change agents who will go on to make huge impacts in their local communities as well as nationally and internationally. Our activities are far reaching, and will seek to expand beyond Dallas to cover every state within the United States in the long term.

Our Keys to Success

To achieve success in our chosen areas of operation, we will form a partnership with educational institutions as well as juvenile systems as well as organizing fundraisers to enable us run our activities effectively. There will also be a monitoring system in place that will ensure that all our mentors as well as their assigned youths are safe. Communication will form an important part of our training. This is aimed at ensuring that our mentors effectively communicate with their assigned subjects.

Other Important Information

Non-profits are challenging to run, hence, financing is critical to every activity required to successfully run the non-profit. Thus, donations are a key requirement to the survival of Arise Initiative. Currently, Arise Initiative has a starting capital of $200,000. This was sourced from savings towards this project from its 5 founding members namely Joe Stuart, Kevin Hayes, Martha Stubbs, Kennedy Hagen and Pamela Smith.

The main reason for starting this non-profit was due to the rising cases of youth restiveness and violence (especially relating to guns) in the United States and Dallas in particular where it has assumed a disturbing dimension.

This sample non-profit business plan executive summary has provided the essentials of what a good non-profit executive summary should contain. This provides a necessary guide for individuals willing to start a non profit business but having limited experience on writing an executive summary. Because the executive summary is the most important part of the business plan, you may want to give it all the attention it deserves.

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