Non Profit Marketing Plan Executive Summary

Non-Profit Marketing Plan Executive Summary

For any business to become fully functional, it requires putting in the right structures in place. These are achieved through a process of planning. The marketing plan is one of such requirements as every business requires adequate arrangements to be made in effectively marketing its products and services to its customers. This brings us to the consideration of the topic nonprofit marketing plan executive summary. This sample nonprofit marketing plan executive summary seeks to help the reader come to grasp the requirements needed in writing a compelling marketing plan executive summary.

But why should it be compelling? It is because this is a summary of the marketing plan and for the reader (who in this case may be the investor) to get into the details, he needs to be interested in the content of your executive summary. The executive summary holds the key to getting the funding you require for your business. Most times, the reader will not have the time to go through the entire marketing plan document, but the marketing plan executive summary will reveal if the business is worth investing in or not.

Executive Summary
Housing for All is a non-profit organization which caters to the housing needs of the homeless in society. Located in Michigan, our main objective is to bring relief to inner-city communities and suburbs where the incidences of homelessness are higher. We specialize in raising awareness about the adverse conditions in such locations while soliciting for support in kind as well as through donations. Some of our target donors include corporate entities located within such communities as well as beyond.

Our activities are not only restricted to the provision of shelter for the homeless but also helping in rehabilitating drug addicts and curbing the rising cases of prostitution by helping youths and teenagers get an education as well as jobs. In essence, we are focused on bringing relief to the downtrodden and helping in bringing sanity to the society and in the process, considerably reducing incidences of violence, especially gun-related violence.

We have a wide network of professionals which range from psychologists to caregivers as well as health experts. We also collaborate with security agencies to finding a lasting solution to social problems.

Market Analysis
Although our operations are not profit related, we operate with the wider society as our arena and are determined to bring succor to one individual at a time. There are several non-profit organizations operating in different niches and bringing relief to countless individuals across America and Canada. These societies provide a critical service to society and in the process help in making society a better place. Because the family is the primary agent of socialization, a lot of society focused non-profits turn their efforts to families as these are crucial to the stability of society.

Competitive Analysis
As a non-profit organization, we are not after competing with other non-profits as we see our work as complementary. We welcome other non-profits as they make our work a lot easier. We strive to collaborate on ways to best handle societal issues threatening the tranquillity of society. We form alliances with other nonprofits as well as with corporate entities and law enforcement. For corporate entities, they are reminded of their social responsibilities and encouraged to perform same. Our approach is not confrontational as we make them see reasons to take part in a worthy cause.

Our Goal
As a non-profit passionate about bringing relief to countless families and individuals, we have a goal of reaching the unreached and getting people off the streets. Within the space of 5 years which is our medium-term goal, we plan on bringing relief and rehabilitating over 3,000 persons. Our long-term goal is to significantly contribute to dropping incidences of gun-related violence to its barest minimum (2%).

Marketing Strategies
We will spread the word about our services using several channels such as the social media, through our website, schools and campuses, churches and several other sister organizations. We will also make use of word of mouth marketing to ensure that our society is kept safe. Our donors will be reached using direct consultations which may start from obtaining their phone lines, email addresses as well as getting through to them directly.

Financial Projections
Housing for all seeks to raise funding through several strategies, part of which includes obtaining such through donors and businesses within operating within such communities. In order to achieve our short and long-term objectives, we will be sourcing funding through various and seek to attain the following financial projections as summarized in the table below;

  • First Year $200,000.00
  • Second Year $780,000.00
  • Third Year $1,150,000.00

This non-profit marketing plan executive summary has captured the essence of an executive summary as it encapsulates the entire marketing plan, making easy to understand and follow. The investor will not have all the time to go through your marketing plan, therefore, in order to give your business a chance of getting the necessary funding, you need to pay attention to this document as it will determine how favorable or not your business is perceived.

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