Nike Marketing Plan Executive Summary

Nike Marketing Plan Executive Summary

We intend highlighting the importance of the marketing plan executive summary by focusing on the Nike marketing plan executive summary sample. The executive summary section is what encapsulates the entire idea presented in the marketing plan. As the name suggests, this is the summary of the entire marketing plan. This gives the reader guidance and direction on what is included in the marketing plan as the marketing plan is an expansion or detailed explanation of the executive summary.

Anyone going through the marketing plan executive summary should be able to get a rough idea of what is contained in the marketing plan. It, therefore, becomes very necessary that this section is given the attention it deserves by writing it properly, as it determines the success of the marketing plan as well as increases or decreases the possibility of getting you that funding.

Executive Summary
Nike is an apparel and athletic footwear and sports equipment company which specializes in the provision of high-quality products for sports as well as general use. Known for the provision of highly innovative products, we strive to be the best at what we do through a dedication to excellence which drives all our services. We understand how valuable our clients are to us, and strive to offer them better services through the development of better services and products. We realize that the more our clients are satisfied, the better it is for business.

We are committed to attaining our goal which is to be the best apparel and sportswear manufacturer in the world through the selection of only the best materials as well as hiring only the best hands to continue in our tradition of churning out quality products which are durable and affordable. We are currently spread across 5 countries where our operations are based, and products shipped worldwide. We plan on expanding on these to cover more countries, especially those with cheap labor which significantly lowers our cost of production, therefore increasing our profit margin and decreasing the cost of production.

Market Analysis
The apparel and athletic footwear industry have a lot of potential for growth and development as we rely solely on the need of our customers who consist of national teams as well as general consumers. With the goodwill we have gathered over the years from our customers, we plan on building on this to create more quality products for the future. We are in the business of building a strong brand name for ourselves, thus, while developing new products which will suit the unique requirements of our clients, we also are interested in setting the standard for apparel and sportswear and equipment manufacture in the industry.

Competitive Analysis
Competition exists in the apparel and athletic footwear industry and we are very much aware of the strength of our competitors as well as their weaknesses. We intend on improving on their weaknesses in making our products more unique and affordable. However, we also know that we have weaknesses too. Therefore, while building on the weaknesses of our competitors, we will also carry out an in-house assessment to address those areas of weakness noticed in our business.

Another area of comparative advantage we have over our competitors is our workforce who are carefully selected using their experiences as well as expertise. These are continually updated on the latest trends in the apparel and sports footwear manufacture industry to ensure we remain highly relevant in the business providing quality service to our customers.

Marketing Strategies
Our marketing strategies have been fine-tuned to be highly effective and to convey our passion for quality to our target audience. As such, several tools will be used to achieve our objectives. These include the use of the internet through social media channels as well as our website. Others will include paid adverts in both print and electronic media to achieve the widest reach. In addition to these, we will be appointing our product ambassadors who will promote all our products, especially new products. These ambassadors will consist mainly of sports stars and legends.

Every product manufactured will be built to last. This is a strategy aimed at building reputation and trust among our customers.

Financial Projections
The apparel and sports footwear industry has witnessed a lot of growth over the years. However, this growth is not slowing down anytime soon based on the current economic indices. With this information comes a need to expand operations, leading to an increase in our revenue generation. Therefore, we have drawn a 3-year growth projection which sees our business attractive impressive profits. This is shown in the chart below;

  • First Year $750,000.00
  • Second Year $1,100,000.00
  • Third Year $1,700,000.00

In arriving at these figures, the possibility of the occurrence of natural disasters such as earthquake and Tsunami’s as well as other unforeseen circumstances such as recession has been discounted.

This article has focused on the topic Nike marketing plan executive summary, with the sole aim of providing the would-be investor a guide on how to write his/her marketing plan executive summary. With the information provided here, it guides you against making common mistakes which may cost you the much-desired funding you need for the business. The marketing plan executive summary is the first part of the document which is read by the investor. Hence, if it does not contain important details necessary to the success of the business, it is likely to be rejected or the reader may not bother to read the marketing plan itself.

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