Ranks in the Nigerian Navy – Ranks, Salary, Symbols and Insigna


Ranks of Nigerian Navy and Their Salary

The Nigerian Navy is among the largest Navies on the African continent, comprising thousands of service men and women, including the Nigerian Coast guard. In 1959, Queen Elizabeth christened the Naval forces of Nigeria, the Royal Nigerian Navy.

However, In 1963, it had its name changed to the Nigerian Navy (NN), at the birth of the Republic. Ever since then, The Navy has undergone extensive re-organization, to enable it live up to the ideals and dictates of its founding. Presently, the Nigerian Navy is structured as follows:


This is the administrative and policy making body of the Nigerian Navy. It is overseen by the Chief of Naval Staff(CNS), who exerts full control of the NN. The NHQ exercises this control through seven offices which include Office of the Naval Secretary,  Policy and Plans, Training and Operations, Administration, Naval Engineering, Logistics, Accounts and Budget, and Standards and Evaluation. Principal officers head these branches and are of Chief flag rank. These offices superintend over the following operational units or commands-


– Headquarters Western Naval Command.
– Western Fleet at Apapa.
– NNS BEECROFT, an operations base in the city of Apapa.
– Naval Air Base, situated in Ojo, Lagos.
– Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital situated  in Ojo, Lagos.
– Fleet Support Group (West) located at Apapa.
– NNS WEY, a maintenance unit, situated  in Navy Town, Ojo.
– Forward Operating Bases (FOB) IGBOKODA and
BADAGRY in the states of Ondo and Lagos States.
– Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Abeokuta.
– Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ojo.
– Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ogbomoso.

THE EASTERN NAVAL COMMAND, which consists of the following units:

– NNS VICTORY, an operations  located in Calabar.
– NNS PATHFINDER, an operations base , situated in Port Harcourt.
– NNS JUBILEE, an operations base at Ikot Abasi.
– Eastern Fleet at Calabar.
– Naval Air Station, Calabar (in view)
– Forward Operating Bases (FOB) BONNY and IBAKA in Rivers and Akwa Ibom states respectively.
– Fleet Support Group(East) at Calabar.
– Navy Hospitals at Calabar and Port Harcourt.
– Nigerian Navy Secondary Schools at Calabar and Port Harcourt.

And the CENTRAL NAVAL COMMAND, comprising

– NNS DELTA, an operations base situated in Warri, Delta State.
– Naval Air Station, Effurun-Warri, Delta State
– Navy Hospital, Warri, Delta State
– Forward Operating Bases (FOB) ESCRAVOS and

FORMOSO in Delta and Bayelsa States respectively.

– NNS LUGARD, an inland operations base on the River Niger at Lokoja, Kogi State.

With the motto ‘ONWARD  TOGETHER’, the Nigerian Navy commands great respect amongst the populace. This is evidenced in the great numbers that apply for recruitment, to serve as Naval personnel.

Basically, induction into the Nigerian Navy is divided into two broad groups; Commissioned and non-commissioned cadres. For the first group, officers generally receive training as
Military occupational specialty or duty in the Navy. More often, entry requirements may include the possession of a University or higher degree.

A non-commissioned officer is an enlisted member of the Navy, who derives authority obtained from advancement, within the non-commissioned Nigerian navy ranks pictures, symbols and badges .

They are also saddled with performing most of the physical activities, management and coordination of military strategy.

The following is the list of ranks in the Nigerian navy from lowest to highest for the two cadres in the Navy:


1. Admiral of the Fleet
2. Admiral
3. Vice-Admiral
4. Rear Admiral Commodore
5. Captain
6. Commander
7. Lieutenant Commander
8. Lieutenant
9. Sub-Lieutenant
10. Acting Sub-Lieutenant
11. Mid-Shipman


Nigerian navy ranks in order for non-commissioned 

1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer
2. Chief Petty Officer
3. Petty Officer
4. Leading Rating
5. Able Rating
6. Ordinary Rating
7. Trainee

Usually it takes a minimum of 20 to 25 years for entry level officers rank (Mid-Shipman) in the Commissioned cadre, to reach the highest rank in the Nigerian army navy which is Admiral of Naval fleet, subject to the prevailing conditions. Initial training takes place at the Nigerian Defence Academy, for a specific period. After which, fresh recruits begin life at sea, through structured training courses and schedules.

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