What is Nigeria Postal Code – List of All States PostCodes

Nigeria Post Code – 36 States Postal Code

There is always a lot of misconception about what Postal code or zip code mean, and if it is the same thing as the dialing code. Zip code meaning ‘Zone Improvement Plan’ is very different from the dialing codes. Zip codes are applicable to the United States of America, while in several other countries around the globe, the Postal code is what is being used.


In the United States of America, the Zip codes are not allowed as Postal Codes. In Nigeria, and most other countries in the world, the Zip codes are the same thing as the Postal codes which are in actual fact used for mailing purpose.


Usually in Nigeria, you will be required to provide a Postal Code or Zip code in a form whenever you are filling a job application form or some other kinds of online forms. Instead of providing the correct Postal code or Zip code, this is where most people make the mistake of providing the dialing code which is ‘+234’.


In this article I would like to share with you the various Postal codes or Zip codes for the various states in Nigeria so that whenever you are prompted to provide the Postal code or Zip code, you would know exactly what to do.

Difference Between Dialing Code and Postal Code

There is a general misconception between what Postal codes or Zip codes are and what dialing codes are. The Nigeria Postal code or Zip code is not the ‘+234’. It is entirely different.

What you know as the ‘+234’ is referred to as the Nigeria dialing code. This Nigeria dialing code is available and used in all states in Nigeria. Any state in Nigeria can use the ‘+234’. For example: +23480********.

Division of the Nigeria Postal Codes

The Nigeria Postal code or Zip code is basically divided into nine (9) regions by the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST). The Nigeria Postal code or Zip code is characterized by 6 digits. The first digit of the postal code is made up of the various nine regions, and which is together combined with the second digits and the third digits of the Nigerian Postal codes.

This combination is for the dispatch district for outgoing sorting; while the final three digits of the Nigerian Postal codes are solely used for deliveries.

The Nigeria Postal Codes Head Office in Each Region

Every region in Nigeria has a main postal head office, and each postal head office has a Postal code which certainly ends with 001. For instance, Lagos Portal code is 1000001, Port Harcourt postal code is 500001, while Garki postal code is 970001.

One would notice that all of the aforementioned head office postal codes end with a 001. Garki is the head office that has the highest postal code digit, while Lagos is the head office that has the lowest postal code digit.

Does the Nigeria Postal Code Still Function?

Definitely, it still does. Despite the emergence and presence of the email and social/internet networks, the Nigeria Postal Codes are still functioning today. The Nigeria Postal Codes could not even be put out of place by the very big companies such as UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc. The reason is quite apparent; the deliveries of goods and letters of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) are much faster.

Also, the P.O.BOX addresses are as well issued out by the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST), which places them at a more significant position.

The Nigerian Postal Service (NPS) could be reached on their official website at www.nigeriapostcodes.com.

Geo-Political Zones and States in Nigeria and their Respective Postal Codes   

Below is a list of the various states in Nigeria and their respective Postal codes.

North – Central

  • Abuja (F.C.T) Nigeria Postal Code 900001
  • Kogi State Nigeria postal code 260001
  • Kwara State Nigeria postal code 240001
  • Niger State Nigeria postal code 920001
  • Plateau State Nigeria postal code 930001

North – East

  • Adamawa State Nigeria postal code 640001
  • Bauchi State Nigeria postal code 740001
  • Borno State Nigeria postal code 600001
  • Taraba State Nigeria postal code 660001
  • Yobe State Nigeria postal code 320001

North – West

  • Jigawa State Nigeria postal code 720001
  • Kaduna State Nigeria postal code 800001
  • Kano State Nigeria postal code 700001
  • Katsina State Nigeria postal code 820001
  • Kebbi State Nigeria postal code 860001
  • Sokoto State Nigeria postal code 840001

South – East

  • Abia State Nigeria postal code 440001
  • Anambra State Nigeria postal code 420001
  • Ebonyi State Nigeria postal code 840001
  • Enugu State Nigeria postal code 400001
  • Imo State Nigeria postal code 460001

South – South

  • Akwa Ibom State Nigeria postal code 520001
  • Delta State Nigeria postal code 320001
  • Edo State Nigeria postal code 300001
  • Rivers State Nigeria postal code 500001

South – West

  • Lagos (Island) Nigeria postal code 101001
  • Lagos (Mainland) Nigeria postal code 100001
  • Ogun State Nigeria postal code 110001
  • Ondo State Nigeria postal code 340001
  • Osun State Nigeria postal code 230001
  • Oyo State Nigeria postal code 200001

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