5 New Social Media Trends in Business You Can’t Ignore Right Now

Emerging Social Media Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

You have got the brand, you have got the page on Facebook and other social media, you have got the followers and at first there was a steady influx of followers, comments, traffic is good and then all of a sudden, it stopped.

People no longer comment on your posts, likes are getting fewer and fewer, people who visit your site, page or brand daily is becoming just an handful. You are wondering what went wrong, what is it you are not doing, why are people losing interest? It could be that you are not keeping up with the latest trends on social media.

The world is changing rapidly and that on social media is changing even faster. Posting just your thoughts on Facebook is no longer enough to get people’s attention. A write-up describing your brand is no longer as exciting as it used to be.

The truth is if you don’t keep up with the tide you might just keep losing out. So, what are some of these latest trends you should not ignore? Well, some of them are outlined below.

Mobile Marketing

This is one trend that as a business inclined person, a blogger, a marketer, you just cannot ignore. Mobile marketing is a promotional activity or simply put, advertising that is designed to deliver messages over electronic channels including texts, graphic and voice messages.

It started out with bulk SMS, but has evolved to include search engines and others. With the ever increasing rise in the use of smart phones, mobile marketing is one social media trend you just cannot afford to ignore.

Paid Social Media Advertising

A friend of mine was asked recently, “How come we no longer see you on Facebook?” Her reply was, Facebook has been ruined for me because it is now occupied by mummies, daddies and their little kids”. Surprised? Well Facebook isn’t really that hip anymore and a post on Facebook or an ad on it reaches only about 0.073% of your target population.

The new trend is paid advertising on different sites. Find out sites people frequent often, pay to have your business advertised on them as this is one trend that shouldn’t be ignored.

Audio and Visual Content

Visual content is one trend that has risen in 2016. Remember those days where any time you click on a video, it redirects you to YouTube? Well that is not the case anymore, all thanks to various streaming tools, Instagram, Snapchat, and so many others, videos can be uploaded anywhere and anytime.

Visual content doesn’t have to do with just videos, it also includes pictures which are eye-catching. Now, this trend is one that cannot be ignored because, people on social media today are bored with long write-ups. That is so old school.

Apart from the fact that it attracts, it is one easy and interesting way to create awareness and at the same time, connect with your audience on a personal level. But, instead of writing a long description about your brand, or a particular product, and then sending it across Whats’app, Facebook and other social media of which I am pretty sure no one will finish reading, unless it is the first time they are seeing such, (which I seriously doubt).

Focus more on live streaming, make a video or a picture that can pass that same message across as this will definitely help you to meet a wider audience.

Creating Mobile Apps

As people are continuously becoming glued to their phones, the use of mobile apps is one trend no one should ignore. Apps create an opportunity for consumers to find out about what you have in stock before they shop online or offline. It creates an easily accessible platform between consumers and marketers.

Engaging your Consumers

Now this is one trend so many people ignore. It is one trend that can help grow your online and social media audience rapidly. This is a process of allowing your consumers do the adverts for you.

It starts with posting creative content that attracts consumers, you get their likes and follow back. The next step is to understand their needs and expectations from you, then you try to satisfy them by meeting such needs. When you do, they would willingly in turn become your brand ambassadors.

They would share your content and their experiences with others which in turn build your brand.

A satisfied consumer has a louder and stronger voice which can reach out to others faster and better.

You could also create a platform where your consumers give reviews and opinion about your product. This is particularly important as most people place value on reviews from consumers.

You could also engage your consumers by making them share your posts and the ones who can get the most likes earns some benefits or prizes no matter how small.

The ability to reach a wider audience through social media can never be over emphasized and you can imagine how much you will miss out if or when you ignore these trends that are taking over social media.

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