Netflix Nigeria: Register and Watch Movies on Netflix

How To Sign Up on Netflix in Nigeria: Website, Contact, Registration, Payment Method, Data Plan

NetFlix is a multinational movie and entertainment company headquartered in the United States of America. NetFlix is a firm that specializes in the streaming of media and online videos on request. Only recently, it has forayed into the film and TV industry, with the production of the hit TV series House of Cards, which aired in 2013.

At the end of July, Netflix announced that its active subscriber base had reached over 83 million users, with about half of that number resident in The United States of America alone.

NetFlix commenced its operations in the Nigerian market in early 2016, affording Nigerians the opportunity to watch premium quality videos and films on demand, in real time. The following steps can serve as a guide for a first time user of the service:

Register an Account

Obtain the Netflix App from Google play store or Apple’s, follow the instructions for creating an account and fill in your details and preferred payment plan. Netflix affords its first time users a month free trial, where access is granted to unlimited movies and TV programs, which can be viewed on a range of smart devices such as laptops, tablets, phones amongst others.

If at the end of the free billing period no action is taken, Netflix automatically charges you for the subscription plan you signed up for initialing, on a per month basis.

Subscription Plans

Netflix Nigeria offers the following subscription plans, which can be switched ( upgraded or downgraded) as the user desires. The plans are as follows:

a. Basic Plan
The basic plan will cost 7.79 USD, which approximates to N2,200. Under this plan, the user will not have access to HD and Ultra HD videos and cam only watch on only screen at any given time. However, the plan enables the user to download and stream videos on any device s/he chooses such as laptops, smart phones, tablets amongst others.

b. Standard Plans
The standard plan carries a subscription cost of 8.50 USD, which approximates to N2,500 naira. Under this plan, the user will have access to only videos of HD quality but s/he will be able to watch Netflix’s offerings on two screens at any given time

c. Premium Plans
The premium plan goes for 11.99 USD, which approximates to N3,300. This plan enables the viewer to watch videos of ultra HD quality as well viewing material on up to 4 screens at any one time.

Payment Procedure

The Netflix user in Nigeria will have to input his/her ATM card details at the first time of registering. Netflix will then deduct the sum of 1USD from the account in order to determine the functionality of the card. The deduction will be reversed once the authenticity of the card is ascertained. No further deduction are made until the expiration of the 1 month free billing period, after which Netflix Nigeria will begin to charge for the subscription plan chosen.

Watching Movies on Netflix in Nigeria

Netflix movies can be watched on devices ranging from TVs to laptops to smart phones and so on( after installing the Netflix app). If the user decides to use the medium of a TV, s/he can do so by attaching a HDMI cable from the smart device that the streaming will be carried out from. It should be noted that there are also internet enabled TVs.

Streaming Videos in HD

Many of the videos in Netflix Nigeria’s collection can be watched in High definition. However the quality of picture and streamed content will vary from location to location and from device to device, depending on factors such as the speed of one’s internet connectivity, the size of bandwidth connectivity, as well as location.

Streaming in HD will consume more data than steaming videos in standard definition. The user will have to verify the amount of data that will be consumed in both instances, with the internet service provider in that area. Netflix Nigeria permits the user to adjust the Bandwidth usage, by going to the settings page of their account, by adjusting the video quality of the video streaming experience.

Internet Speed Required

The minimum internet speed required for viewing is pegged at 0.5MB per second. However, for improved video quality viewing, higher speeds will be required. Watching real time videos will require different speeds and bandwidths. Netflix does have buffer times that take into cognizance the differing internet speeds and bandwidth sizes, as the viewer streams the video.

This frequent starts and stops will have an impact on the amount of data that will be consumed during the viewing experience. Netflix offers a live streaming experience( downloads are not possible), hence the viewer must ensure that internet connectivity is available during the entire course of watching the video.

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