Natural Hair Care: Products, Dye, Shampoo and Hairstyles

Natural Hairs: How To Care For Your Natural Hair: Salon Styling For Adults, Women, Men, Teens and Kids

Natural hair do has to do with texture and not colour. Dyes can be used on hair to change the colour but it does not affect the texture of the hair. Your hair is said to be natural when it has not been dyed, or chemically altered.

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In simple word, natural hair is that hair naturally growing out of your head. Weaves and wigs are not refer to as natural hair because it was not the hair you were born with.

Natural Hair Growth

There is no shortcut to growing your hair faster. You can only encourage it by using good hair care products and maintaining a good diet. Though, some herbs can quicken the growth of hair too.

Here are some ways to make your hair grow faster.

1. Eat food rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E. Foods that contain zinc, iron, copper are very essential for hair growth.

2. Trimming the hair also encourage hair growth. If you really want a long and healthy hair, you need regular trimming of the hair.

3. Your scalp should be healthy. If your scalp is healthy, you will have a healthy hair that will not lose strength thereby encouraging hair growth. When you take good care of your hair scalp using healthy hair ingredients, you will produce a beautiful, strong hair.

4. Avoid over heating your hair.

5. Always use natural oil on the hair.

How to take Care of Natural Hair

It is popularly said that black women tend to spend much more on their hair than any other races. I want to share some ways a lady can take care of her natural hair before or after damage. If you want to enjoy your natural hair, then you should take note of these advice.

1. Apply Shea butter hair product. Avoid those mineral oil and petroleum oil. It can dry your hair. Apply product with natural oil like Jojoba oil and Coconut oil.

2. Have a washing routine. Don’t just wash your hair anytime you feel like washing it. Some women only wash their hair once in two months. It is ideal and hygienic to always wash the hair bi-weekly. i.e. twice in a week.

3. Applying Glycerin. It help keep the hair moist, and soft during hot and dry weather.

How to Care for Natural Curly Hair

Some ladies have natural curly hair and it seems to be one of the hardest hair to maintain and manage. It’s more prone to breakage, easily dried. And trying to brush, that’s another story of it own. But don’t get me wrong, curly hair is lovely if you know the best hair ingredient for it and how to manage and style it.

Here is how to care for a natural curly hair. Once you begin practising these tips, you will start enjoying your curly hair.

1. Invest in good shampoo/conditioners. But please avoid shampooing everyday. It washes the natural oils in your hair that should make your hair look healthy.
2. Always keep the hair moisturized. Since curl hairs are prone to dryness, it is very essential that if you want a good looking curly hair that you keep the hair well-moisturized with a good cleansing conditioner.
3. Avoid Brush. Using brush on curl hair is very bad. You can brush a wet hair but it’s more better and advisable you use comb. Using brush may take your texture out of shape.

Natural Hair Products

Some hair product should not be applied to the hair just because it was made for hair uses. Precautions should be taken so as not to damage the natural hair.

Some hair products has special effect on the hair and this should be noted before use.

1. Born Organic Hydra-Gel

It is mainly used for styling the hair.

2. Shea Terra Organics Argan and Ghassool Shampoo Bar

This product is good for cleaning.

3. Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

If you wish to repair or condition your hair, then this product is perfect.

Some Hairstyle You Can Style Your Natural Hair

Hairstyle for natural hair is a challenge to care for and style, but if you choose the right and convenient hairstyle you will be able to look charming.

  • 1. The twist TopKnot
  • 2. The Double BraidBun
  • 3. The Crochet Braids
  • 4. Braided Crown
  • 5. Frohawk
  • 6. The Bantu Knot Updo
  • 7. The Five-Minute Twist

There’s never a better time or moment to rock your natural hair but now!

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