Starting a Nail Salon

Interested in small nail salon business ideas? If YES, here is how to open a nail salon with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Nail Salon Shop

Are you presently a nail stylist working at a nail salon and you are thinking of starting a nail salon of your own? Do you have skills in manicure and pedicure or you have a hand full of experience working as a nail artist? Starting your own nail salon won’t be a bad idea for you if you really know more about the business in general!

Running a nail salon of your own is not just a financially rewarding business, but making people’s nails look beautiful is an incredible fun as well. One good thing about starting a nail salon is that the capital needed is not huge and you can definitely start small.

You can even start from your home and save towards getting an office for expansion. In this post, I will be sharing everything you need to start a nail salon business.

Here are some crucial steps to know before setting up your nail salon;

GET A PLAN           

Before setting up a nail salon, you ought to have an eligible plan at hand and at heart. This is very crucial for your success. It is the business plan that will help you in your business approach. This will enable chances of your business being successful.


You should know that it takes money to run a business successfully. Consider both start-up costs like incorporation fees, rent, equipment and ongoing costs like salaries, marketing expenses and loan payments.

If you don’t have enough cash to start your nail salon, you can go take loan from any micro finance bank or kindly borrow from family members and friends who are willing to help and spend the money wisely so nobody gets to trouble you about their money.


Another step to take and know is where you intend to site your nail salon business and what name you want to give to your business. When choosing a location for your business, accessibility to people should be your priority.

You should also consider a suitable name that will be attractive and appealing to people, use a name that is not in existence i.e. a name that’s has not being use by any other business enterprise.


With your experience working at your boss’s nail salon, you must have learnt the way and manner your boss market his or her salon.

It is certain that the nail salon business is filled with competition but it is how you promote your brand that will make customers flood your salon. You can take leverage of the internet and promote your business using different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Tell friends and family members about your work, printing of fliers if u can afford it.


As your business grows, you will need more competent hands to help you attend to customers. To some extent, your employees will determine how well your business will run, that’s why you should hire reliable and experienced staff with lots of skills in order to run your shop properly and reward them very well because they are the people that deal with the customers.


Nobody want to associate themselves with dirtiness. The environment of a salon is the very first thing consumers notice when they come in. It must be attractive, comfortable and inviting.

From your experience, you must have known that nail salons work with strong scented chemicals, so you must make sure your salon smells good. It is advisable you have a good ventilation system so that the air circulation is intact.


The way you package and run your business different from your competitors, will to a large extent determine your success. Have an approachable receptionist that checks-in your visitors and walks them through your services and menus.

It is extremely unethical if your nail artist working on a customer’s nail have to get up every time when a new customer comes in, or answers the phone every time it rings.

In addition, ask your workers to be friendly and professional when with clients. Note that talking to your staff in the present of your customers in a different language is not friendly or professional. It is impolite to your customers.


Lastly on how to start a nail salon and become successful is to always keep to your words with customers. Never promise what you cannot deliver. Your reputation is important.

Work on creating longer lasting contacts and regularly build trust with your clients. Treat everyone nicely. Always fulfil the promotions and specials you have promised to your clients

In conclusion, don’t forget to always stay updated with your products. People love trying new products and trendy nail styles.

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