Process of NAFDAC Registration in Nigeria: Product Approval, Requirements and Fees

How To Process A Product Registration With NAFDAC

NAFDAC Reg Requirement in Nigeria
Are you into any drug and food related business and need NAFDAC registration number? Do you want some ideal tips on how to acquire and verify NAFDAC number? You want to know the procedure to follow before getting NAFDAC number?

No matter what the case maybe, this article is on a mission to state clearly the procedure you will have to follow or take in having or to get NAFDAC registration number in Nigeria. Mind you, it is not a difficult task as you may think.

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC is an agency that sees to the affairs of any imported or manufactured goods that is in line with food or drugs in Nigeria, any product that fall within this NAFDAC regulated products list needs to be acknowledged and sealed as a legitimate one.

How to Get Approval for NAFDAC Of Nigeria

This government agency, NAFDAC, has over the years shown full commitment in executing the service entrust in it care by the federal government without any scintilla of fear and atom of favoritism.

There is no how hard you can try in this country of ours by importing, exporting, distributing, or advertising a single product without this agency approval, anyone found guilty of this shall face the wrath of NAFDAC with little or no mercy.

If you are really serious and ready to engage in any business in Nigeria, it is being better and ideal to comply and follows all the lay down rules or regulatory it require to be authorized.

The processes you need to take to get NAFDAC registration number in Nigeria are as follows;

How to Register a Product in NAFDAC

The first thing you need do is to understand the category of the product you want to register. NAFDAC deal with two things and they are; Drug and Food. Identify the nature of your goods or services before you take any step as this will prevent you from looking stupid if you get nearer to where you will be registered.

The drug aspects handled by this agency are: medical devices, veterinary products, vaccines, chemicals, cosmetics, herbal concoction or preparations and the likes. While the food sides include: water, hotel, alcohol, and all other consumable products.

The second step after identifying the classes of the product to be registered is to proceed for procurement of the form for the product.

Here, it deals with procuring an application for the product to be registered from NAFDAC itself. NAFDAC endorse a single product at a time, this means if you are dealing with two different products, you will need to register them separately. You can therefore get the form at any NAFDAC’s nearby offices or you visit their website.

The third step after procurement of the form is to fill it up. You are expected to fill all the required spaces on both the hardcopy or the online registration form you procure and submit it back to the department that sees to registration in NAFDAC office in Lagos or your city.

Nafdac Registration And Requirements

The following are the key elements you need or may be asked to provide by NAFDAC before you can be authorized.

I. The application needs to be on a single product i.e. any products more than one needs different registration.
II. The name of the manufacturer and the product should be clearly written (if there is any).
III. The agency application form i.e. NAFDAC form should be completely filled.
IV. If it is a company as a whole that you want to register and not product, you are to provide a certificate you received from corporate affairs commission (CAC) as a registered body and that you are legally recognized.
V. Your product dossier (5 copies).
VI. Your products samples (3 packs).
VII. License issued to you by the pharmaceutical council of Nigeria (if dealing with drug).
VIII. Your certificate of registration for the product brand name in accordance with trademark authenticity from the ministry of commerce.
IX. Non-refundable fee for product registration with NAFDAC payable if your documents meet the requirements and confirmed as satisfied in line with their guidelines.

If all the documents listed above is available, you can proceed with the first three rule and you can obtain your registration without stress.

You may need the following information in the course of doing or after the registration, they are very essential tips you don’t need to be panic.

 The maximum period of time it can take you to get food products registered  after paying your nafdac registration fees is three months in as much as you have the entire NAFDAC registration requirements for pure water and other regulated products stated above and found to be genuine and satisfactory.

 After your products have been approved, it will take at least six months for your certificate to be ready.

 To know if you have been genuinely registered, visit NAFDAC official page to check on it or other NAFDAC center or offices across the state.

 You can get your products registered without anybody’s help, and you can do it all alone.

In the later end, all these are all avoidable and I see no reason why you won’t afford to get them all and have your NAFDAC registration number with ease so as to get peace from the NAFDAC agency.

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