Music Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Music Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Are you still asking why do you need to guest post on a music blog? Here are few reasons you may have not known;

Build your Online Influence

How many people can you reach and impact with your posts? While posting on your blog is good, reaching out to guest post on blogs that are bigger than yours will give you more access to influence a lot more people than you can reach via your blog alone.

If your blog has 500 unique visitors daily, and a top blog in your field that accepts guest posts has 1200 visitors daily, guest-posting on the top blog as well as on yours enables you to reach 1700 people which is about forty-two percent more than you could reach with your blog alone.

Develop your Authority in a given Field

Being regarded as an authority in any given field takes time and one of the ways to fasten that process is to guest post on blogs that are already established in your niche or related niches.

This will get you associated with the big names in that field and will get people to start respecting your thoughts and ideas in that field.

Gaining Backlinks

A link on a page that links to another page is called a backlink and is a major parameter in the ranking of a page by Google page rank or Alexa page rank algorithms.

As a guest writer, you can get backlinks from quality and relevant sites which will help your blog’s ranking in search results.

Below are 10 top ranking music blogs that accept guest posts;

Top Ranked Music Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

The contactmusic website was launched in April 2000 by a group of music lovers and entertainment enthusiasts. The site now has staff and freelance contributors from across the world.

Contactmusic is dedicated to providing the latest news, videos, reviews, interviews and photos. It is a trusted source of news on various stars and gets face-to-face with the greatest stars in the music scene, as well as emerging stars.

So if you’re passionate about music, film, and or games and would like to get your opinions out to over six million people monthly, then simply send an email of an example of your work to with a brief summary of yourself, plus your postal details. If your work is good, then you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Sonicbids was founded by Panos Panay in September 2000 and acts as an online matchmaker between bands and promoters having connected over 500,000 bands with 35,000 promoters across a hundred countries.

The site also provides a way for bands to get their music across to promoters and pitch for a gig. If you have a post you would like to submit a post to sonicbids for consideration, then send the headline, brief summary of the article, a couple of examples of the points you will be making, and a brief background on yourself to

Also include what qualifies you write, and how you would promote the article if published.

This is a music and culture website with a knack for discovering and promoting exceptional music, film, art, tech and fashion. The site has partnerships with numerous music festivals, received multiple awards, and worked with agencies and organizations such as the BBC and Red Bull.

Interested in getting your content uploaded on The405 website? Send an email to, including links to your portfolio, and a descriptive subject line.
The 405 accepts content from photographers, videographers, animators, etc., and are always on the hunt for film, music, art, culture, tech, and style writers (reviews/features/news).

ZMEmusic is music blog loaded with flash news, record reviews, free, legally supported mp3s, and write-ups. The site seeks to promote quality music and publicize talented artists to its audience.

The site is read by about 4000 people a day and contributors get a lot of freebies such as free tickets to gigs and festivals, recommendations and credentials, free albums for sampling, T-shirts, posters, etc.

To contribute, you need a firm grasp of the English language and the music scene, enthusiasm, and about 2-3 hours per week. Send an email to if you’re interested and the team will get back to you in about 24 hours.

CMuse is a global music and entertainment online media company that focuses on music articles and reviews. CMuse accepts guest posts that have unique content, strong relevance to the website’s aims, and fits into one of the featured categories.

Based in Texas, Wideopencountry is the new media platform for country music and country lifestyle. It provides content ranging from mainstream to alternative country music, country fashion, food & drink, domestic travel and country culture. It was founded in 2015.

If you are passionate about country music and lifestyle and like to write, then you could get paid to submit content on country music, lifestyle and entertainment. To apply, send your resume and at least two related work samples to Include a brief description of yourself, related experience, and why you would be a good fit for the team.

Covermesongs started in 2006 as a cover songs radio show and took on a blog form in 2007. It focuses of cover songs, tribute shows, etc., and posts new articles and features all week.

You could write for covermesongs on music news, reviews, interviews, opinion pieces, or something else, music news, reviews, interviews, opinion pieces, or something else, as long as it is related to cover songs.

Send an email to with two writing samples, a resume, and an introductory paragraph.

Musiccrowns is an online publication, promotions and opportunities network for newly signed, unsigned and independent music artists from across the globe. To write for musiccrowns, fill the form at

Audio sounds accepts 300-1000 word articles on Music reviews, news/stories about artists, music production, app reviews, songwriting techniques, music copyrights, and licensing tips.

Note that articles are required to be original and unique. If your story is accepted, it will be linked back to your site. You can reach the team on the write-for-us page of the site.

Migratemusicnews is a subsidiary of Burgeoning Technologies and is an online blog that enables music lovers, singers, musicians, industry professionals and bloggers to share ideas, tips and updates.

The site publishes music related posts only. Go to for info on how to write for migratemusicnews.

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