How Much Does an MRI Cost?


How much does it cost to get a full body MRI scan? What is the average price of a brain MRI scan? Magnetic Resonance Imaging or better known as MRI is a procedure that is carried out to get the detailed images of organs and tissues within the body. A doctor will send a patient to carry out a scan with an MRI machine in order to ddiagnose infections, injuries, tumours, abnormalities and lots of other health conditions.

A radiologist is responsible for carrying out the MRI scan and also writes a report to be sent to the doctor. The doctor is in the best position to make a diagnosis of the report and also draw up the best treatment plan. So how much does an MRI cost.

If your doctor informed you that you will need an MRI scan, then you will probably be left to wonder how much the MRI scan will cost. These procedures are likely to cost between several hundred to many thousands dollars.

However, the good news is that most MRI scans are covered by insurance, and even if you don’t have a valid insurance plan, there are so many ways that you can save money doing an MRI.

Before we delve into an in-depth knowledge of the cost of an MRI scan, lets first consider the types of MRIs available.

All MRIs are different and the type that is utilised will depend on the need of the patient. While prices differ depending on the area of the patient’s body that needs to be scanned, the cost is mostly influence by the location of the scanning centre.

Generally, the cost of MRI scan will range between $400 and $4,000. These are the common MRI scans available:

Head MRI: This is the scan carried out to detect injuries and tumors in the nerve tissues and brains.

Spinal MRI: This kind of scan is focused on some certain parts of the spin and it is done to detect nerve damages, tumors and injuries.

Cardiac MRI: this is the scan done on the heart and blood vessels in order to ascertain the condition and function of the patient’s heart. A cardiac MRI’s image can either be still or be moving.

Pelvic MRI: this is the scan carried out on areas that are close to the bones around the hips. This kind of scan apart from the pelvic bones, will also display images of the lymph nodes, bladder and the reproductive organs.

MRIs can also be performed on the other areas of the body such as knees, wrists and ankles. They come quite cheaper than MRI scan of the anatomy. It is also quite common for patients to be asked to get a full body MRI scan which can be more costly.

The most common MRI scan looks like a tunnel, although there are other types of machines used to carry out this scan will include the following:

OPEN MRI: This is a machine that is larger than the common enclose MRI and it is most of the times used on patients that have quite a large body and cannot fit into the enclose MRI and it is also used for people that are suffering from claustrophobic affects.

UPRIGHT MRI: An upright MRI is the kind of MRI scan machine has been redesigned so that patients can sit or stand while the scan procedure is being performed.

Some patients will find it hard to be still for the MRI procedure, which might take close to 15 minutes of even an hour. These patients might need to be sedated. Diprivan, which is a sedative that is used on patients that feel so much anxiety or have claustrophobia will cost between $125 and $400.

Apart from the above listed costs of MRI scans, patients might also need to make additional fees to consult the doctor.

An MRI will vary greatly, even within a certain geographical location. It is quite advisable to make some local researches for the lowest MRI scan price before finally settling down to go in for the scan.

The cost of an MRI scan are mostly on the high side in hospitals. It is very much likely for the patient to pay 3 to 5 times more in hospitals than in other centres. Freestanding imaging facilities are very much likely to have lower prices.

For patients that do not have insurance, imaging facilities and hospitals are so much willing to work with their budget. There is the possibility of getting discounts or have a payment schedule set up for them.

Medical costs build up quickly, most especially for patients that do not have insurance or those that have a high rate health plan. In as much as MRI scans are considered necessary in order to make and accurate diagnosis of the patient’s ailment and to come about with the best treatment plan, which still doesn’t imply that patients won’t be able to locate the best MRI scan prices that will fit into their budgets.

If your doctor advises that you get an MRI, the best thing to do next is to get the scan done immediately. That can be so important is saving you huge medical cost in the nearest future.

However you don’t want to dive in so much into your budget, to save yourself some cash and still get the best quality, it is recommended that you get in touch with American Health Imaging to get an appointment today.

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