Moving Franchise and Storage Franchise Opportunities and Startup Cost

PRIVATE AND PUBLIC MOBILE CONTAINER MOVING AND STORAGE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

Do you want to start a Moving franchise or a Storage Franchise? Businesses, as well as homeowners, need help anytime they need to move or manage their possessions like furniture or junk. The moving storage franchise is one of the most lucrative industries in the country.

It is a broad niche that any entrepreneur who wishes to go into the moving storage business can succeed at easily. Buying a franchise from brands that are already established and are well known will enable any budding entrepreneur to have an edge over people who start from scratch.

The moving storage business, by all standards, is an industry that has come to stay. It is a twelve billion dollar industry which experts have given the estimates of growing at a minimum of eight percent every year in the next decade.

It is a given that one out of every six American citizens will move or change locations within the year and will ultimately need the services of a moving storage company in the UK or Canada to handle the moving of their prized possessions.

Most of the units moving and portable storage franchise operate in different ways, so choose the one that best suits you as an entrepreneur. There are some that provide movable self storage containers for long distance or local moving clients and public mobile storage franchise coast-to-coast.

It works this way: any time a customer wants to move, he/she contacts you, and you deliver a movable container to the client’s home or office. The container gets filled with the customer’s chattels and returned to the warehouse where it waits in storage units until the time the container gets shipped to the client’s new office or home anywhere across the nation.

Clients have several choices to make regarding the portable storage containers moving company they want to work with that will help them to move their belongings from one locale to another. They would naturally be inclined towards brands that are recognized in the moving storage industry since they want a consistent and dependable service.

We are in the technological age right now, and clients will expect a higher level of quality service when compared to the old school methods of moving possessions. You should be able to answer satisfactorily questions which may arise: questions like, ‘have you undergone professional training and have received certification to work in this industry?’; ‘will you pack fragile and unusual items separately and guarantee their safe delivery to its destination?’; ‘are the movers honest and free of drugs?’ etc.

These are just a few questions you may end up answering, and if you purchase a franchise from a reputable company, then you are rest assured that the power of that brand will help your business.
There are numerous franchising opportunities to take advantage of if you are planning to start off a career or business in the moving franchise industry.

Different moving storage building companies have different plans for franchisors. There are several streams of revenue depending on the area you want to put your focus.

Below are the several categories:

 Corporate relocation and office moves
 Local moving and long distance moving
 Packing services
 Short-term and long-term extra space storage
 Moving boxes and packing supplies

When searching for the best moving storage franchise opportunity to invest in, the best ones are those that offer the following:

 Small initial investment capital
 Superb potential for growth
 Moving experience not necessary
 Striking logo as well as brand name
 Big and safeguarded franchise territories
 Advanced selling and programming software
 All-inclusive mover and sales training courses.

Buying a moving storage franchise is a no-brainer because of the following factors:

 Memorable and friendly – If you purchase a franchise from a moving company of good repute not minding it cost such as go mini’s portable storage & moving franchise, your brand will stand out and can easily be called to mind anytime your services are required. Word-of-mouth advertising will work well in your favor as clients you have worked with satisfactorily will recommend you to their neighbors and friends who plan to change locations.

 Recession proof – Moving storage business never bows down to a recession. When the economy is up, people also move up; when things are not looking too good, people economize. So, no matter the economic situation in the land, people will always move.

 Starting from home – It is a business that one can start from home and because it is scalable, you can expand the business to an extent significant enough to rent a commercial space for the firm.

Those are the benefits of purchasing a moving storage franchise from a reputable franchisor. Only the courageous can take the bold step to make the transition from a government job to a private (entrepreneurial) freedom.

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