Movie Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Movie Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Do you really have great article on movie or TV that you want to guest post? Know an awesome movie and you want to analyze? Then, choose any blog among the following top ten movie blogs that do accept guest post and work toward achieving your aim.

Top Ranked Movie Blogs that Accept Guest Posting


To drop a guest post with this movie blog, the article to guest post must be an original content; a word-for-word copy and paste from your movie blog or another blog site is a no. The topic you write on to guest post must be of interest to home-based movie viewers, filmmakers and movie-goers- browse through the blog page to feel the tone of their articles.

Usually, the required word counts is between 300-500 words but post with 1000 words will also be considered. As a contributor or guest blogger, you will however be given the privilege to write a short bio of yourself and a link to your movie trailer, etc.

To submit your post, fill in the form in the write for us page and you shall be notified back if your article is being published.


Since you are looking for the top movie blogs that accept guest posting, why don’t you try this movie site that is devoted and addicted to love of classical movies.

To get started, try reaching out to the blog to go through their articles. The number of words accepted is 750 words and it should be standard and incredible; to the greatest and best of your knowledge and ability.

Your posts may be written as anonymous, if you so desire. Also, if you have a movie blog or Web site, ClassicMovieMan will be so kind to include your back link.

Your content should be submitted in the body or through an e-mail (, include these words “Classic Movie Man” in your subject line, and let the magnificent voice of yours be heard.


Bloggers and movie thriller writers are needed to guest post on this blog. Will you like to take part? You needn’t any shiny skills, experience or qualifications to become a member and part of their team.

Your content to submit must be coherent and not in colloquial language. Articles on movies, actors, poetry, music etc. are welcome between the range of 500 and 2000 words – any post below 300 words, either, is also good if it’s just quick bit of the news coverage.

Submission is open on the contact page, do fill in the form there. Your picture and 30 words for auto bio is needed with a link to your blog or social media profile.


The write up to guest post must be original, superb and unpublished content. Visit the blog to know the topic that will be of interest to the blog site, filmmakers and movie-goers. Around 200-800 words are required with any image that corroborate with the content.

Be cautioned that the image must be original and shouldn’t violate the copyrights law. Fill in the form on the write for us page for consideration, if accepted, you will be notified via your email account.


This movie blog has over 100,000 unique visitors per month, it is one of the fast rising movie & TV blogs and they need your contribution and magic finger to make it even lively and better.

To guest post, ensure your write up is neatly and error free written. Keep it Fresh, unique, digestible and relevant. I’m not a native English speaker? Don’t bother, couchpopcon will passionately fix the grammar and you still get the deserve credit, if published. The required word count is 400-1500.


If you love writing the list-style feature stories, then is a famous movie blog that is interested in your content to be guest posted on its wall.

You need to simply sign up on the writer’s forum before anything. Having done that, you’re only required to be passionate, skill, creative, and respectful to your co-writers. It only takes zero effort before you join. There is no limit to your word use.


Film Equals is dearly looking and seeking for passionate, excellent and prolific writers, guest post news or preview content and opinion articles.

To guest post, your content must be excellent and grammatically stand. Your ability to pen down engaging copy that’s brief, creative, and witty will speed up your article for publication. It must be excellent and original with 500-1200 words.

Also, if you are a blogger, this movie blog site could have been a great way to expose your potential.


Are you heavily opinionated about TV, movie or film? Can you really put words in very good order? Then try guest posting on this blog.

Let your content be incredible, well-tailored, excellent and unique with word count of 700 or so. Click on the guest post submission area to fill in a small form for publish consideration.


If you’re supreme at writing film lists and need a platform to air it for the masses, this is never a command rather an advice; join TasteofCinema as a guest writer/contributor now!

As a reward, you will be allowed to promote thrillers or movies you so wish with a back link to your blog. Submit your 1000 word to guest post to David on for luck.


This movie blog allow you to guest post on its page. For post consideration, ensure you read through the page guest contributor page for the stipulated guidelines.

Your article mustn’t have any trace of plagiarism. Check the available topic on the blog page before you write and be mindful of your word count, 750 and above are usually welcome. There is room for at least three sentence or thirty words of your auto bio and a back link to your site.

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