6 Most Unhealthy Jobs in America – Worst Jobs For Your Health

The Most Unhealthy Jobs in the United States of America

The United States of America has been the leading economic and military nation in the world since the turn of the century. Its large industrial and commercial base supports the service, IT, manufacturing, hospitality, military and other active sectors.

The US economy presently employs millions of individuals, both in the public and private sectors. One area of concern for workers in the US is the health risks associated with daily activities of a job.

Some jobs have intrinsically more health risks than others. For an instance, a nurse at an Infectious disease facility is more likely to be infected than an Accountant at a bank. In ranking the healthiest jobs in America, data is analyzed from relevant research bodies.

These institutions base their assessment against factors of measurement bordering on occupational risks such as dangers from contaminants, risk of disease and infection,  dangers of  high radiation levels, contact with hazardous materials, dangers arising from burns, bites, stings and cuts, and periods of inactivity due to long hours spent sitting at a work post.

Based on these factorial assessments, grade scores can be assigned to various jobs, ranging from 0 to 100; higher scores depict the greater health risks and severity of the occupation in question.

The following jobs qualify as the unhealthiest in America:

1. Nursing and Medical Auxiliary Staff

This is one most unhealthy job in America. The United States has one of the most developed healthcare delivery systems in the world. With medical insurance, a good number of Americans have access to quality health care. Nurses and auxiliary medical staff form an important part of the healthcare system in America.

They provide first hand care to millions of patients across the country. This responsibility exposes nurses to hazards such as infectious diseases and medical waste. In addition, nurses are also predisposed to working very long hours, which could heighten stress levels and also affect their well being.

2. Garbage/Waste/Refuse Collectors

With a population pushing over 300 million people, the United States of America produces several million tonnes of waste annually. These waste materials range from plastics to metals to clothing and even nuclear waste.

The men and women responsible for the collection and disposal of refuse in the USA are therefore open to risks of injury from cuts and bruises, exposure to radiation from nuclear waste as well being
susceptible to illness and disease from decaying and infected matter.

3. Police Officers

This is another unhealthy job one can find in America. With a large population, the United States of America suffers from the ubiquity of crimes and criminals. Added to this problem is the issue of gun control, with many individuals having access to fire arms that often not registered with relevant authorities.  The people saddled with the task of maintaining law and order, operate in a high risk environment.

The major risk Police women and men face is untimely death, which could take place during standoffs with armed robbers and kidnappers. Police offices in the United States of America also face threats posed by terrorists.

In addition, law officers may also work long hours, which heightens the stress levels associated with their jobs.

4. Construction Workers

Construction workers suffer from one of the most unhealthy jobs in America. The United States of America boasts of a highly advanced and regulated construction industry. Many new private and industrial developments tower for several hundred meters into the sky and these projects employ new and modern technology.

Building and construction personnel work in a high paced environment that is vast in size and scope. This means that the margins for error are very small. There have been cases of construction staff plunging to their deaths from great heights, due to a misstep.

Also other risks include injuries from cuts and abrasions, as well as the stress associated with the job.

5. Nuclear Reactor Personnel

America is the foremost nuclear power in the world. The country boasts of a good number of nuclear reactors and plants that provide nuclear power as well as nuclear bombs. These reactors are manned by women and men, who are highly trained and can be deemed specialists.

However, working in these plants pose a number of challenges; health wise. The foremost challenge that these men and women face is the risk of exposure to radiation, in the instance that there is an accident or some leakage. Also dangers also exist from the handling and disposal of the by-products of nuclear energy.

6. Prison Guards

America is home to a large number of correctional facilities. Some of these facilities house individuals who have committed grave crimes against the state. Many prisons play host to gang members, who still wield enormous influence within the prison walls. There are cases of gang fights and prisoner breakouts.

Prison officials are at the forefront of keeping prison inmates in check. However, this responsibility exposes prison guards to extreme violence from the more hardened members of the correctional facility; violence that could result in injury or even death to prison staff. In addition, Prison staffs also face stress associated with their jobs.

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