Successful African Entrepreneurs: their Success and Failure Stories

5 Most Successful African Entrepreneurs

African Entrepreneurs Success Stories – Learning From the Millionaires
It is so bad that most online publication don’t write about successful African entrepreneurs and it makes it look as if there are no entrepreneur in Africa who has made it into the line of the six-figures earners.

I want to make it my own burden by sharing with you some successful entrepreneurs in Africa that you need to know about. Now, have it mind that these people did not make their money overnight, they grinded and started from the scratched.

How pathetic, why on earth will someone wake up as early as 6 o’clock in the morning and return late in the night yet complain so bad how much he hate is work, why will you say 20k is too small for you to start up a small business and make it like these successful entrepreneur I will discuss about in this piece.

It is not an excuse and not even pleasing the ear saying lack of capital is your main problem in setting up a business of yours, though necessary but not the most important seasoning to make your business reach the promiseland when you can start with a penny like most successful entrepreneurs you must have heard about.

However, endeavor to read through the stories of these well respected entrepreneurs that started from the scrap – without a dim in their bank account- and made name in the whole of the black continent.


Stories of the most successful African entrepreneurs

1. Adii Pienaar

Adii Pienaar is a multimillionaire and one of the most successful South African entrepreneurs. He is a cofounder of WooThemes, a technology company based in South Africa.

At the age of 23, Adii was a university student and he worked has a part time online freelancer and consultant, while still working on the WooThemes, he spent all his earnings and savings on the project.

Adii adopted a system to make life today, the system is known as “Bootstrapping”. This is a system of building up a project or business with a little resource or personal earning or saving from the initial stage. It involves self-sacrifice.

Recently, the WooThemes was acquired by a United States based online technology giant, ‘Automatic’ at a massive amounts of legal tender $30 million.

Follow the footstep of Adii by becoming a bootstrapper, and people who made self-sacrifice usually have good fighting spirit.

2. Heshan de Silva

This gentle man dropped out from school in the year 2007 when he was experiencing a gory life in the United States. He regained his strength back when he relocated with his parent in Kenya at the age of 18 then.

His loving parents gave him just 10,000 Kenya Shillings and that was his capital. He showed his love in commercial vehicles and sold insurance bundles with the purchased of the bus tickets.

Later that year, it was widely reported in the news that the business had made a ransom amount of money, 90 million Kenya shillings.

Heshan however, wisely used the money to establish his own firm known as De Silva group, so wonderful, isn’t it? From incomplete education to 10,000 Kenya shillings he made it big and luckily hit the jackpot.

You too can! There is no limit to your greatness so far you make a move. Money is not the basis of business but good business ideas and efficient execution is.

3. Patrick Ngowi

Patrick who was born in Tanzania, ventured into business when he was only 19 years old. Then, he took up a retail store selling Chinese-made mobile phones. Today, with his name, he owns a big solar energy company in the east Africa called Helvetic Solar contractor.

His story to the peak wasn’t a pleasant one either, he took a risk and collected loan of about $1,800 from his daring mother and his journey to China was sponsored by his intimate friend.

Today, KMPG in East Africa valued his company to $15 million in 2014 and also, in the year before (2013) he made revenue of $5 million!

Patrick also made a list among the top ten young African entrepreneurs to look out for on Forbes publication.

4. Fred Deegbe

Fred is another successful entrepreneur in Africa. He is a Ghanaian who quits his bank work in 2011 to venture in business where he actually became his own boss.

He started as a shoe maker who used his parents’ house as his workplace in the Gold coast, Ghana, Accra. He is a skilled hand craftman in Ghana who is behind the luxury ‘Heel the world’ shoe that is being made with his bare hand.

He got his first machine, hired the necessary staffs and other equipment needed for his new business from his earnings and his previous bank job, and also help from a good friend, Vijay Mani.

Fred, who was also a bootstrapper his being celebrated with his “Heel the world” brand of shoes that suits any forms of clothes. In fact, he was on the panel during the world Economic forum that was held in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

5. Aliko Dangote

He is a Nigerian and Africa’s richest man according to Forbes magazine. He is indeed a role model and legend to all the entrepreneurs in the continent. His present net worth is $18.3 billion dollars.

This successful entrepreneur started his business with just ₦500,000 borrowed from his uncle in 1978. Thanks to God, the business thrived well and he balanced up the loan within six months.

During this period, Dangote was known for importing commodities from the neighboring countries to Nigeria. Commodities like Sugar, frozen fish and others but today, he has expanded his wing and become an entrepreneur lion.

A brave man in business who has invested in many businesses and now, he has a company of himself producing Sugar, Flour, Salt, Cement, Spaghetti etc.

His tentacles had spread beyond Nigeria and his coast had been enlarged to South Africa, Ghana, Togo, Tanzania, Zambia, Benin and Cameroon where he had capitalized his wealth by producing various goods.

These are just few list of successful African entrepreneurs that I wanted you to know about and learn from their stories.

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