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There are lots of low investment agriculture business opportunities in Africa but the average investor is not looking at the right direction. Everyone is fighting over getting a white collar job. Because emphasis has not been made in the area of agriculture. To open the eyes of the youth about creative agricultural business one can go into and make millions.


Our one time President saw the prospects in some new thriving agribusiness ideas and did not let it go even while a President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. There are so many sources of viable farming business ideas with high returns one can venture into in the agricultural sector that if well nurture will bring in millions over time.
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In this post, I will be revealing 5 successful agricultural businesses and other parts of the world one can start right now with low capital and over 2 years will get back their capital with enough profit to expand these innovative farming businesses.

Let’s get started with these booming farm related business ideas in rural and urban centers…





1. Backyard Nursery

First, do you know what is nursery? A nursery is where seeds are raised into seedlings. They are some seeds, because of their nature, you can’t plant them directly on the soil. For example, Cocoa, Palm tree etc. You have to raise the seeds in the nursery before transferring them to the field.

Now, what I am saying is that you can use your backyard to raise healthy seedlings of any tree or plant of your choice and sell them to farmers who need them. I have a friend back then in school who was raising seedlings from Cocoa. I don’t know how she got the seeds but she sold the seedlings for N500 per one. She only spent money on the seeds and the black nylons used in nursing the seeds. You don’t need a big space at your backyard. All you need is an open space, black nylons and the seeds. If you don’t like this top money making agriculture based business, read further.

2. Fish Farming

This one is a very big market. America is in need of fish everyday because You and I must consume it in our food daily. Anyone can start a fishpond behind their house and earn money from this hot agrobusiness idea. There are so many opportunities in this fish farming. You can decide to be hatching and selling fingerlings (small fishes) to other small fish farmers. You can also choose to be producing fish foods to fish farmers.

I can’t cover all these in this post. You can request for it personally. But am also sure you should do your research to get more information especially about securing agric loans. All you need is good training and proper orientation on this list of business ideas in the agric sector to work with. If other people can make millions, you too can.

3. Pig Farming

I know what just came to your mind. “Dirty, Flu, Flies”. Let me quickly tell you something. There is a lot of money from easy pig farm income ideas. I have heard of a lady who went into pig farming in her twenties and was making over a profit of N300,000 monthly easily.

You can open a bush bar where you can call Pork Meat Joint. The only meat that will be sold is cooked pork with pepper soup and fried pork with drinks. Did I just hear you shout! Just make sure it is a place where people don’t have bad belief on the meat. Don’t forget to contact an expert on this animal farming business.

4. Snail Farming

This meat sells like crazy. Though it has it own advantages and disadvantages but that does not rule out the profitable side of the small businesses in agriculture. This good business related to agriculture can be done in the house no matter how small the house maybe. Wealthy people like me (wink) who knows the nutritional value always order for it. The snail meat is scare in place like Abuja and other big cities. You must consult an expert before you embark on this low cost profitable agricultural business.

5. Crop Farming

People run from this innovative agriculture business because there feel too big for it. Crop farming involves the growing of crops like beans, maize, cassava, yam, rice etc. This is for people mostly living in the rural areas. You can’t do this in the city because of the availability of free agricultural lands.

Though not compulsory but you should be the one in charge of your farmland. You can also hire labourers and pay them. Just do your calculation very well. It takes time but very profitable. Its all about planting your crops and harvesting it when due.


At the time of writing this post on the best low cost agricultural business idea to start, a basin of garri cost N7000. This is a price I collected from a report from a village in Edo state. Imagine what the price will be in place like Abuja, Enugu and Port harcourt. What other venture should be on this list of unique small farm business ideas?

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