How Much Does a Monkey Cost?


How much is a finger monkey in the US? What is the average cost of a capuchin money?

Are you interested in buying a pet monkey? Then you are not alone. Monkeys are cute and cuddly and a lot of people want these animals for themselves. However you need to be extra careful before bringing home these new simian friend and monkeys sometimes may pose more threat than the expected fun.

There are various species of monkeys and they range in sizes which can be from 1 to 3 feet tall. Monkeys are mostly preferred by pet lovers and they are chosen for their companionship and intelligence. This is why monkeys are considered both a rewarding and challenging pet to acquire. With these entire funfair, it will be wise to know how much does a pet monkey cost.


If you would like to know how much a monkey costs, then read on. The cost to buy a monkey is within the range of $4000 and $10,000 for one. This price range will definitely depend on the breed of the monkey, age, temperament and rarity. Young monkeys tend to cost more and you should be expecting to pay more as well for rare breeds of monkeys.


  • If you are going to be selecting a monkey as a pet then you should understand that they are a labour intensive pet. A monkey can be kept for as long as 40 years so you should be well prepared for that, except if you plan to dispose off your monkey at a later date.

The home must be monkey proofed and extra care taken especially when you have visitors because monkeys can be quite mischievous, curious and sometimes aggressive

  • It is advisable to wear diapers on your monkeys
  • Most primate experts recommend that home owners that will not be in the home all the time should keep more than one monkey. This is because lonely monkeys tend to be prone to depression.


  1. If you are buying a monkey, then you will be needing extra cost to get a monkey cage. This can be bought within the range of $700 to about $1000 for an indoor cage. Outdoor cages are more expensive. The cost of getting an outdoor cage will be within the range of $1,300 to about $3,000.
  2. You will be making extra cost in feeding. Monkeys eat vegetables ad fruits and sometimes, animal protein. Budgets for food will be between $30 and $50 weekly
  3. Just like other pets, monkeys will also require veterinary attention. Finding a good vet may be quite challenging. But no need to worry, com has a list of veterinarians that can be located by state of zip code
  4. Since you will be needing diapers for your monkey, additional cost of about $100 will go into this for a 3 to 4 month period.
  5. In a situation whereby you want the animal shipped to you, you will be expected to make shipping payment to the vendor. Shipping rates can be between $100 and $300
  6. You might need to get a trainer for your monkey as they are quite hard to train, especially by a non expert. Depending on the expertise of the trainer, this will cost you between $300 and $500


Buying a monkey is not as easy as walking into any pet store to buy the type of cat or dog that you desire. It is well recommended to see the pictures of the monkey that you want to buy before going over to pick up the monkey or asking it to be delivered.

You will need to select your breeder with care. It is advisable to go for one that has a license. Before you buy a monkey, you need to note that owning one is considered illegal in most US cities and states. You will need to confirm first if owning a monkey pet is allowed in your state.

You can actually source for monkey from these websites:

  1. PRIMATE STORE: Monkeys are listed on this website including their pictures, contact information, prices and many more. You can also get additional information about the housing and diet of the money at the side bar on the website. You can also find a section that allows you to shop for toys, food and treats for your monkey
  2. GO PETS ONLINE: You can get monkeys as well as other pets to buy on this website. It is more like a classified website, so the availability of your desired monkey might be less. But you can always check from time to time.
  3. PETS 4YOU: You can get the contact of breeders of monkeys on this site.


As mentioned earlier, before you get excited about keeping a monkey as pet, you should get information if it is allowed in your state. Because of the implementation of the laws made to protect wildlife animals and the environment, some states have out rightly banned ownership of monkeys.

Another thing to consider is the health state of the monkey pet you are acquiring. Ensure that the animal has been quarantined and certified healthy as monkeys are known carriers of some deadly human diseases.

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