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Mobile marketing goes beyond setting up a mobile friendly website and bringing up a site that is built on a Responsive Web Design framework that is optimized for desktop, table, and also Smartphone views. Sincerely, there is more to mobile marketing.

When talking about mobile marketing, one thing we must know is that the activities we did on our websites are the starting point, and not the finish line. The importance of marketers thinking towards mobile had been talked about severely. As we all already know, majority of the world’s internet traffic is from either a tablet or a Smartphone.

Therefore, giving people the chance to enjoy the content they seek without needing to zoom, pinch, and squint, is the starting point. In general, having a mobile website is about being a good host.

Now, you can’t just sit back and expect everyone to come to you. You really need to go out to bring people’s attention to you. And, here are five nice mobile marketing ideas.


It is a known fact that majority of web users opens their emails with their mobiles. You know, a Smartphone or a tablet is quite handy. You can be in bed or in the gym and quickly skim through your inbox.

However, you need to have something more than a ‘mobile friendly’ email template. Everyone actually needs it to be a responsive template. Many of the mobile friendly email templates out there often look ugly on a desktop (that could be harmful for your brand). But on the contrary, responsive templates are known to optimize the font size and design based on the viewer’s screen dimensions.


One of the reasons for love of mobile is the ability to do things on the go. That is what customers are doing too. Customers are following and networking with people on the go. While they are waiting in a line or eating, customers are sharing and liking content of friends and companies.

A platform like twitter can be said to be ‘born into mobile’; while platforms like Facebook and Pinterest have improved their different mobile interface to the extent where it sometimes exceeds the desktop experience.

Capitalize on social media on bring people to your mobile friendly website. Put in place some captivating content that will get their interest on social media, and make them know they will get more when they come to your website.


It is being said that text message marketing actually has eight times the engagement rate of email marketing. In many places all over the world, many people do read text messages within minutes or seconds of getting them.

Actually, as a marketer, you need to know that SMS should be an opt-in-campaign where one gets people to give an access to their Smartphone by of course, providing them with something of value. Something of value can be anything. It could be a valuable content, or a free ticket to an exciting event. With text messaging marketing, you should expect people giving you more access if you provide them with enough value.


People love videos more and more. For many, we can say videos are becoming parts oft them. On the internet, there are quite many video sharing platforms. Nevertheless, out of all of them, YouTube stood out. In fact, there was a stat that reported that more than half of YouTube’s views are from mobile. So, what?

As a marketer, you need know that the videos you are creating for YouTube are actually being consumed by your audience on a mobile device. Then, with YouTube cards, one can annotate one’s videos with clickable buttons that can drive people to one’s mobile website (or landing page).


Yeah, this is another nice mobile marketing idea. The truth is, the number of people who listen to podcasts and the number of podcasts downloaded, keep growing. Additionally, many people listen to podcasts on a mobile device.

Now, you as a marketer need to know that when someone listens to your podcast, you are inside their head. Being in ‘control’ at that point, you’ve got the chance to inspire, educate, or even educate them while they are doing any other thing (on a line, in a bus, relaxing at the beach, doing an exercise at the gym, and so on).

To get a sense of this medium, you simply check out some podcasts (both the ones in your industry and the ones not in your industry). If you have an area of expertise that can be explained through audio, you need to try this method of expanding your small business.

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