Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Cost – Installation Price List


How much does Mitsubishi comfort cost? You might be having the plan to replace your old air conditioner or trying to add more air conditioning unit to your home. In case you have been looking for the best system, then it is possible that you have heard about the mini split system.

In the bid of settling down for some options, it is assumed that you must have come across a few Mitsubishi air conditioners. If you have not, then it will be a very good choice to consider taking a look.

Among the recent generation of air conditioners, Mitsubishi air conditioners stand out as the most advanced, sophisticated and very efficient when it comes to energy consumption.

How much does it cost to install ductless central air? While shopping for a Mitsubishi air conditioner, we understand that you might want to choose comfort over any other thing, but at the same time cost is very important. So in the course of this article, we will be discussing on the cost of a Mitsubishi air conditioner. But before we go into the main topic, let’s take a look at what a ductless air conditioner is


This is actually considered a new system in the United States as it has not even been adopted by most home and office users. Although it is quite popular in other parts of the world, especially Europe and Asia.

The ductless mini split air conditioner comprises of a compressor that is installed outside of the home as well as an indoor evaporator called handlers. The two units are linked by power cables and refrigerant lines that are connected through a conduit in the wall.

It is not uncommon to see mini split air conditioners to be ductless and their handlers are quite smaller that the conventioneer air conditioners and they are more conspicuous that the central air conditioning system vents. They are manufactured in different types.

The indoor unit of the system are either wall mounted, ceiling cassette, horizontal ducted, or simply mounted on the floor. When you compare the ductless air conditioning with the traditional AC unit, they are more energy efficient and quite more sophisticated in terms of functionalities, components and features. So how much does it cost to install a ductless air conditioning system?


The Mitsubishi air conditioner systems are designed as a comfort system. The official title it has the “zoned comfort solutions” and the latest models are designed to suit the following applications

  • SINGLE ZONE COOLING: a Mitsubishi air conditioner will perform as a spot cooling system for any uncomfortable space or individual room that has cooling challenges. It can be utilised in the attic, garage, basement, bonus room, sunroom or just any room that has ductwork issues.
  • SINGLE ZONE HEATING AND COOLING: The Mitsubishi air conditioner can also perform as a heat pump solution and air conditioner for a single room that poses so much challenge for ducted systems and other conventional heating and cooling systems.
  • MULTI ZONE HEATING AND COOLING: It is also possible to utilise the air conditioning system as a cooling as well as heating system unit for many zones in the home. In this installation type, it is possible for you to connect a single outdoor unit to up to 8 handlers.

each of the handlers will be installed in each of the rooms and can be controlled independently. It is quite effective in creating a comfort system in the entire home.


When you consider the cost of a Mitsubishi air conditioner, it might not be quite easy to attach a figure so a lot of consideration has to come into play. Prices differ depending on a whole lot of factors, such as the model of the air conditioning unit, the type, efficiency level, features, functions of the unit, the complexity of installation, quality of the technology, the number of handlers and so many other factors.


How much is a Mitsubishi air conditioner? If we are to look on the average cost, the Mitsubishi air conditioner system cost more than a thousand dollar. Although it is possible to get a Mitsubishi air conditioner in which the price will be within the range of $500 or a little bit more.

The models with the highest BTU may cost around $5,000.

The cost of Mitsubishi air conditioner will also depend on the store where you are purchasing the item.


Another factor that will determine the entire cost of the Mitsubishi air conditioner is the complexity of installing the system. The time and the materials utilised in the installation will determine the final amount you are paying.

Factors that need to be considered here are the distance between the outdoor and the indoor units, whether the indoor unit is ceiling or wall mounted as well as the number of the rooms that are needed to be cooled.


In this modern day, it is possible to purchase any item off the internet. If you are saddled with the burden of where to buy your Mitsubishi air conditioner, you don’t have to bother about this as it can be purchased on any ecommerce store that has a large inventory.

You can also decide to check into your local electronic store or at a Mitsubishi dealership centre.


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