Mistakes That Can Hold a Woman’s Career Back

10 Dangerous Mistakes That Might Be Holding Your Career Back as a Woman

Are you a career woman and you are looking for ways to succeed in your chosen career? Are you experiencing some drawback in your career and you are wondering what could be the issue?

Everybody who has a career including women make mistakes but there are mistakes a career woman will make that will be overlooked and there are those that could hold the woman’s career back.

The mistake could be in terms of behavior, mindset, fear, obstacle or money. Knowing the mistakes and avoiding them will help build your career and also make it successful. Those mistakes that could hold a woman’s career back are:

1. Main Focus on Performance

Focusing mainly or only on performance is a mistake that could hold a woman’s career back because the success of a woman’s career not only depend on performance but also depends on exposure and image.

This is the mistake most women make, they think everything is all about performance so they focus only on performance neglecting other important things which eventually holds their career back.

The way you present yourself as a professional and being exposed to the right people for your career also matters, performance is just one thing out often things that determines the success of your career.

2. Knowing your Value

Most career women make the mistake of not knowing their worth, that is, their value which is very important. If you do not know your value, who else will know it, if you don’t appreciate who you are and your abilities, no one else will so you need to know your value so you will be able to negotiate salary and benefit or else you might end up collecting salary that does not equal what you worth or even closer to what you worth.

3. Competing with Fellow Women

This mistake is very common among women, they compete with other women in the same line of business with them or in the same office, they do not support or help one another to achieve their career aim and this is a mistake that holds their career back.

4. Discussing your Accomplishment

Although, it is not advisable to discuss your accomplishment everywhere you are but when you are in your workplace or working and business opportunities environment, do not hesitate to discuss them with others to avoid holding your career back.

People won’t know what you do not discuss with them so discuss with people about your accomplishment especially those that might give you a business opportunity or work that pays better.

5. Not having Full Understanding of a Job

Taking a job that you do not really know about is also a mistake that can stuck your career in one place. Not understanding the job result into inability to do the job and non-diligence towards the job.

6. Giving Up

Career women tend to give up after a failure, they don’t try again and see a failure as saying they should not try or start all over again. They give up easily and this holds their career back because a person who gives up after a failure might end up having no career again.

They do not want to understand that failure is part of success, they should not see a negative response as the end of their career.

7. Negotiation for Higher Salary

Most career women do not know when to negotiate for a higher salary and this could hold their career back. You ask for a higher salary when you accept a job offer, when you have worked well for a year and also when you change job.

8. Too Busy to Network

Another mistake they make that holds their career back is that they are too busy trying to make everything work that they don’t make time for networking. Networking is a very important tool for advancing your career, it open doors for great and new opportunities.

9. Silence

Most women keeps quiet because voicing out their opinions might portray them as being aggressive or argumentative due to the fact that women are expected to be polite and differential to others but most especially career women should not keep silent because of the general notion people have about women.

A career woman that stays silent is making a mistake that will hold her career back because silence won’t help you achieve anything in your career, and keeping silent means you are accepting whatever happens whether your career is affected negatively or not.

10. Behind the Scene Work

To get an advancement or to be promoted, your employer needs to see what you are capable of doing so you should not work behind the scene where no one will see what you are doing.

You need to come into the limelight, show your abilities and knowledge if you don’t want to hold your career back. Some women make the mistake of working behind the scene thinking it’s for the best but it’s not because you won’t be noticed and your career might not move forward.

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