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There are lots of innovative small business ideas for men out there but it looks as if the female folks are taking over. Now, we have different names such as; Mumpreneneur, stay at home mum etc. Women are now taking the lead in terms of online business and entrepreneurship.

So what are the hopes for the men when it comes to starting a self business? Don’t throw up your towel yet. There are still zillions of low cost business opportunities for young men out there that you can start and dominate even the female folks. This post contains a list of the top 5 business opportunities and home based investment ideas with high profit returns for men to start today.

Let’s get started without wasting much of your time.

5 Most Profitable Unique Small Business Ideas for Men

1. Blogging

Blogging is one online business idea for men that has been making money and still making money. Blogging is very easy compel to other online business but if you don’t like writing, please don’t go there. Blogging is mainly for writers, content creator and online entrepreneurs.

There are several ways to make money while blogging part-time. A blogger can make money through AdSense, selling of advert space, selling of information product and through affiliate marketing. But to really break through with blogging, you need to be very patient because money doesn’t just start pouring in immediately. It takes up to three months, sometimes six month depending on your means of income.

For AdSense, it may even take up to a year because you will need time to build high traffic coming to your blog through different strategies of getting traffic. For selling of advert space, you need a ton of traffic coming to your blog before advertisers can come to buy space on your blog. For information product and affiliate marketing, it depends on your marketing strategies and skills. You can start making money within one month if you really know internet marketing.

Actually, blogging is all about adding value. You must be consistent in posting on your blog. Blogging is a passionate business. If you don’t enjoy producing content, then continue reading. Are you looking for a cheap business ideas for men in 2016, start a blog today.

2. Teaching (Private/Home Lecture)

This is one of the best part-time side businesses for men so far. You choose when you want to teach and how many hours and the amount you want to charge. Parent always want their children to perform best in class, and whenever these children come back home from school, they are always left doing nothing but playing. So parent prefer keeping their children busy with a home lecture teacher.

This is a very lucrative business. Imagine charging $100 or more per child and when you have like three children you home teach, that’s like $300 or more every month. And you only get to work in the evening which is one or two hours a day. That gives you time to do other great business or job during the earlier hours of the day. The best part is, as the child performance start improving, the parents are happy that you’re doing a good job and it creates room for a tip or a raise of fee.

Why don’t you give it a try?

3. Online Coaching

Do you have passion in helping people with something you know? Do you have a skill or knowledge in a certain area that you can teach? If Yes, then you can become an online coach or consultant. You can launch your online coaching business on your area of specialty or passion which include;

-Weight Lost etc.

One good thing about this creative business is, you don’t need an office where you will buy chairs and tables, rent office equipment or hire a secretary. Your office is either your website, blog or your personal social media account. As an online coach, if you have a new, more profitable product or services available on your blog, sales page or website that will add great value to your audience or preferred client, the likelihood of a visitor buying it increases.

4. Barbing Salon Business

I know you will say where will I see money to rent a space, buy mirrors and other things? If you will follow my steps, the only thing you will need is clipper to start. At first, you start as a home service barber. As a home service barber, you don’t need a store, you don’t need to pay tax or any revenue. From the proceed you get from the home service, you save some portion of them. See, you may even choose to remain as a home service barber because some rich dudes don’t like hanging out in public places. So you can run your own hair cut salon as a VIP home service barber.

And you know what? Home services haircuts are normally expensive than going to the salon.

5. Dry Cleaning Services

Starting a dry cleaning business need no special skill except ironing and washing skill which everyone who wears corporate clothes has. You will be instructed on how to fold the clothes as you iron. The only caution you should take note on is not burning clothes while ironing and not mixing colour clothes with white clothes when washing. Dry cleaning is one of the most lucrative business ideas men can start from home. My Friend started ironing clothes in his room. He just told his neighbors that his has started his own dry cleaning business while he was still working in a dry cleaning business.

He did his personal dry cleaning business mostly at night. He washes the clothes during the day after closing from his job and iron the clothes early in the morning. Right now, he has his own dry cleaning business from the money he has saved from his dry cleaning job.

You too can start from somewhere.

Pick any of the small home business ideas for men I just shared and get to action now. My plan is for this article to be read by at least 10,000 men and I will need your help to do so.
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