McDonald’s Marketing Plan Executive Summary

McDonald’s Marketing Plan Executive Summary

The McDonald’s marketing plan executive summary is the focus of this article as we seek to capture the basics of the McDonalds marketing plan. The marketing plan is a highly important document as it seeks to explain how the company intends to capture the available market through the implementation of marketing strategies. For any business to survive, the marketing plan is very necessary as every business exists to meet a need.

But why do we need an executive summary in the first place? The executive summary of a marketing plan is a necessity as it summarizes the entire marketing plan, enabling the reader, who in this case may be the investor to have an idea of what is contained in the entire marketing plan. It must be noted however that a shabbily done work here may not attract the required funding the business needs. The executive summary can compel the reader to get into the details or just stop at the executive summary.

This article will focus on the McDonalds marketing plan executive summary to provide a guide to the reader on what it should look like.

The Executive Summary
McDonald’s is a global brand with franchises scattered across the United States and the world. The success of the McDonalds brand can be attributed to our unique business model which is highly innovative in the development of products and services which are widely accepted by our clients. Some of our major product categories include Hamburgers, Chicken, Fish, and Pork. Others include breakfast, beverages, desserts, fries and sauces among other items.

The secret to our success has been our consistency in the provision of high-quality products and services driven by an aggressive marketing drive which has seen the fortunes McDonald’s rise to enviable heights and still growing. We do not intend to rest on our oars as we believe that our recorded achievements are just a starting point to the destination we aim to reach.

Our expansion plans are being driven by a group of vibrant and highly innovative team of professionals with a cumulative experience of over 90 years. They have come together to chart a course for the future expansion of McDonald’s through total commitment to McDonalds’ business ideals of quality products and services and reaching hitherto unreached areas with these high-value services.

Mission Statement
At McDonald’s, we seek to position ourselves as the customer favorite through the provision of quality services at very affordable rates to all our clients. Because all our services are directed at our customers, we plan on giving them real value for money and their time.

Our global operations are all hinged on our business strategy which is the Plan to Win. This plan to win seeks to build on our successes in the provision of highly desirable and innovative services such as competitive pricing for all our products, the provision of exceptional customer experience, and a continuous improvement on all our products through the implementation of feedback gotten from customers. Our objectives are to expand our operations to cover new territories through the sale of our franchises in new and uncharted territories.

Before undertaking this move, we will first conduct a feasibility study in such locations to understand the dynamics for establishing our business. Acceptability of our products in such locations forms an important requirement. Also, the culture of the people, including their lifestyle and food is central in determining the type of adjustments to make where necessary. Our business template which has greatly contributed to the success of our business will be used in all locations we sell our franchises.

To own a McDonald’s franchise, all prospective franchisees must share our passion. In other words, the values and vision of the prospective franchisee must align with ours to enable a smooth and seamless process of bringing real value to our esteemed customers.

Marketing Plan
Our marketing plan is central to how much success we achieve. We understand that no matter how good a product or service is, business is never complete if there is no patronage. At McDonald’s, marketing is a key ingredient necessary for the success of the business. Hence, while giving all our franchisees the necessary marketing support, we also plan on developing new methods of selling our services to an ever-increasing client base through the adoption of all channels of marketing.

Some of these include the use of the internet. There are several channels of marketing via the internet such as having a functional and easy-to-navigate website which is already in place. All our franchisees will be connected to the same system of marketing. Other internet marketing strategies include the use of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter among others. Placing sponsored adverts on these media will increase our visibility tremendously.

The use of the print media, as well as the electronic media, is yet another effective marketing strategy which has continued to remain very relevant in helping us achieve our marketing objectives. The placement of TV and Radio adverts has been very effective and will be a major strategy to sell our services to more people. We will also be using billboards, fliers, and handbills in spreading the word about our services.

Promotional offers are yet another effective marketing tool to ensure more patronage for our products and services. Therefore, these offers will be attractive and innovative and will be a continuous process.

The McDonalds marketing plan executive summary has laid out the summary of the marketing plan, with an easy to understand the process which discussed the following points; the executive summary, the mission statement, objectives, and the marketing plan. These are important aspects of any business plan which must be present. With the above sample, the reader is guided on how to effectively write a marketing plan executive summary.

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