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 How to own a mcdonalds franchise?
Starting a Mcdonald franchisewhich is a foremost global fast food chain, offers some exciting prospects for those seeking to partnership as a franchisee and invest in the business. It now as been the destination of choice for all who desire meals, which are affordable and qualitative, on the go.
The following are historical shots that may help in owning a Mcdonald Fast food chain:
• The first McDonalds restaurant was operated by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California. In 1954 Ray Kroc visited the eatery and was so amazed by the efficiency and effectiveness of their operation that he proposed the establishment of McDonalds restaurants all over the US. At last, he went on to become the owner of the Macdonald business, after he paid a considerable sum for the brand.
• By 1958 McDonalds had served 100 million hamburgers to hungry customers.
• 69 million customers are served on a daily basis.
• At the moment, there are 36,258 McDonalds restaurants in 119 countries, out of which 29,544 are operated as a franchise.
• Some 350 McDonalds restaurants have been closed down so far this year, due to business violations. Majority of these shut branches are in the US and China.
• 32% of  the groups  total annual revenue comes from the US
• 40% of the groups total revenue comes from Europe – mostly from the UK, France, Russia and Germany.
• 23% of total  revenue comes from Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa.
• US sales depreciated  by 2.1% to $27.4bn (£17bn) in 2014.
• The number of customer visits, on a daily basis, declined by more than 4% in the US in 2014.
• McDonald’s has 420,000 employees on its payroll.
• Over  80,000 people have graduated from McDonalds Hamburger University training  facility, located on  outskirts of Chicago, since its inception.
• McDonald’s has resolved to pay $9.90 an hour to its staff after months of protest over poor remuneration. The current hourly wage is $9.01.
McDonald’s franchise has helped a lot of entrepreneurs around the globe. They create a system that is so easy for any gifted entrepreneur to run with.
Becoming a franchisee with McDonald’s opens the door to be in charge of a franchise business , whose brand and work ethic have come to be trusted over the years, by millions of customers worldwide.
Franchising is by no means a stroll in the park. Building and leading a team  70+ employees as well as administering a thriving business  will demand  time, investment and determination.
The steps and requirements it takes to getting franchisee license with Mcdonald is a thorough and extensive exercise, usually spanning about nine months, from when one’s application is adjudged successful. The steps include:
McDonald Application Process
The process is kick started with interested individuals and business concerns sending in an application. At this stage it is imperative that applicants have all required documentation and information, which includes bank and financial statements, franchise disclosure document mcdonalds, references amongst others.
Security and background checks
Mcdonald will act on submitted personal and business information, to ascertain the authenticity of such data, as well as to determine that applicants are legally able to run a franchise of Mcdonald.
A first Interview
Shortlisted applicants from the first screening exercise are usually interviewed by a panel of management personnel. This session aims to give applicants the opportunity to express their ambitions and to give reasons why they think the business will be a success.
Restaurant Internship
At this stage, applicants are given the franchise opportunity to experience live, the day-to-day running of an existing franchise, in order to come to grasp of what is demanded as a potential franchisee. The internship usually lasts for 5 days.
Question and Answer session with older franchisees
At this stage, applicants join existing franchise owners, in a convivial atmosphere to ask questions on areas touching any aspect of the Mcdonald franchise business. This is an opportunity for applicants to really determine if the franchise is meant for them.
A Final interview.
Successful applicants are now on the brink of joining the Mcdonald family. Hence they have an audience with senior and executive management staff.
Training Schedule
Shortlisted candidates will undergo a minimum of a nine-month training and immersion program. This training takes place in existing restaurants and in the classroom. The training is unpaid, although applicants will be required to pay 800 USD non-refundable training fee and a refundable security deposit of 6,000 USD.
Applicants are also responsible for accommodation and other costs associated with trainings undergone away from home.
As soon has the applicant has successfully completed the training regime, Mcdonald will make arrangements to offer such candidates their first franchise. Upon acceptance, the franchise is set up for the applicant to begin to operate. On an agreed date, the keys to a franchise, as well as the daily running of the restaurant is handed to the new  McDonald franchisee, under the support and advice of a Mcdonald business consultant.
The following statistics are associated with becoming and operating a Mcdonald Franchise:
• How much does a McDonald franchise cost in the USA? Restaurants typically cost between £150,000 and £400,000 to purchase.
• You’ll need to provide 25% of the investment in personal funds upfront the rest can be funded through a bank loan. McDonald may come in an advisory capacity, in helping applicants source for financial instruments.
• Shortlisted candidates will need to pay a one-time mcdonald franchise fee of £30,000.
• Training costs in the sum of £750.
• Candidates are required to pay a refundable £5,000 security deposit when you start your training, which we’ll refund when you buy your first mcdonald restaurant offered for sale.

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