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Average MasterCuts Prices – HAIR CUTS, PERMS, FACIAL WAXING

How much does it cost to get your haircut at Mastercuts? Does Mastercuts take walk ins? There are so many factors that determine business success. But when it comes to winning over customers, a businessman needs to put more efforts into two factors: perfect customer relations and competency.

It is not quite hard to see some business run on competency and building a business empire, but at the same time lacking in the area of service delivery and so will fail to win the hearts of their customers.

That is not the case with MasterCuts hair salon. This business outfit has been able to defend their name through perfect service delivery repeatedly to their customers. They have locations spread across the United States and it will be quite hard for a customer to enter into a certain location and give complaints about bad services rendered to them.

In the course of this article, we will not only look into the different services offered by MasterCuts, we will also look into the MasterCuts prices for haircuts.


MasterCuts was established in the year 1985 and it was founded by the Regis Corporation. They have other businesses they run and diverted into the hair cut business in the late 50’s. The salon projects the image of an upbeat salon that only offers the perfect looks to every member of the family.

Despite being a part of a large conglomerate, MasterCuts was able to carve out its own niche in the haircut industry. They have a friendly and casual approach, which has made them a choice barbing salon. This winning attitude is what has been able to gain MasterCuts the opportunity to own about 300 locations in about 44 states of the United States.


MasterCuts is opened all days of the week and they offer haircut services to men and women, adults and children. A customer could decide to go for a simple haircut at MasterCuts, and they may also decide to go the extra mile of getting a shampooing, styling and blow drying.

They also render the services of hair colouring and highlighting, perming, straightening, conditioning as well as waxing.


One of the reasons why a lot of people choose to have their haircuts at MasterCuts is due to their perfect services. They offer more value that the cost of haircuts at MasterCuts. They have qualified stylists who have much experience, especially when it comes to modern trends and styles.

What matters most though is that their stylists are more concerned about what the customer wants for himself.

Apart from the fact that the MasterCuts prices for haircuts are quite reasonable, the salon also offer promos, which gives their clients the opportunity to get more value for what they pay for. They are very active on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter where customers can interact with staff of the salon and even schedule an appointment at a nearby MasterCuts Salon, though an appointment is not needed.

Constant engagement with their customers has proven to be helpful, especially in the area of regular patronage. And sometimes, they offer goodies to their social media followers, especially on Twitter.

Apart from the fact that the Salon has been able to portray a good personality and business image, their stylists are always available to deliver the best cuts and styles to fit the customer. Customers can even get a one on one consultation and get friendly suggestions from the staff of the salon, without even having a prior appointment


If you will like to get the best services from MasterCuts, you might as well want to get yourself acquainted the prices of haircut at MasterCuts. Under listed are the list of prices to have a haircut for both adult and children at the salon:


Adult Haircut                          $16

Kids Haircut                            $12

Shampoo                                 $3

Conditioning                           $3


Waxing                                    $10

Perm                                        $50

Colour                                     $49

Blow dry                                 $7

Facial waxing                          $10

Highlights                               $29.75


Apart from the normal haircuts that you can get at MasterCuts, you can also benefit from a whole lot of other services at the salon. The salon treats their customers with products from well known brand products that the customers are already used to.

Some of the brands that MasterCuts work with are Matrix, Biolage, aul Mitchell, Sebastian, Redken and a whole lot more. MasterCuts also specializes on styles that highlights on your eyes and they also treat all kind of hair styles so well.

One of the benefits of patronising the salon is also that once you have been there for 5 times, you will have the opportunity to enrol in their email program to enjoy a $5 reward as well as 10% discounts of the items you purchase at the salon.


MasterCuts is one of the salons that have a national presence. They have locations in about 44 states of the United States totalling about 400. You can get information on the closest MasterCuts Salon close to you by visiting their website.

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