Marketing Techniques To Boost Small Business Sales

5 Innovative Marketing Techniques and Strategies to Increase Sales Revenue

When it comes to marketing a company to improve sales, there’s no way you want to waste time or money on this vital aspect of business. The key is to market smart, and the best way to do this is to use proven marketing plan that has been tried and tested by hundreds of successful companies and worked, resulting in lasting improvements in revenue and profit. Here we take a look at 5 proven techniques in 5 areas of marketing, so you can promote your business in the best way, with all bases covered.

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Best 5 Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales Volume

Proven Market Outreach
When it comes to marketing, reaching out to new leads and new customers is one of the most basic and essential parts of the marketing process. However, for many businesses, this aspect of marketing is the most difficult and unpleasant to complete particularly if your employees are not trained in this area, and if this step of marketing is completed poorly, it could lead to a bad impression of your business.

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A good solution is outsourcing your marketing outreach to professionals who can quickly and effectively market to a range of potential customers for you, generating leads and increasing sales in a short amount of time and with a small investment. Outsourcing this work to a telemarketing call center is a proven method of achieving this, allowing hundreds of people across different strata of society to be reached without relying on whether they have internet connection or not. This is a proven method of outreach, which if outsourced successfully and completed correctly can yield real returns for your business.

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Proven Marketing Exposure
Getting exposure is a more passive way of getting customers to know your name, who you are and what you do as a company. This can include through print media and newsletters, or online such as through your website, social media or associated blogs.

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In our internet age, it’s essential for a business that wants to be successful to have a well curated website and a presence on social media, which are both cheap and extremely effective ways to get exposure and to allow potential customers to get to know your business and what you do, without being too confronting.

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Proven Marketing Culture
Customers are attracted to and can put their trust in companies that are transparent, have good values and a proven culture of customer service and employee satisfaction. Companies can achieve this by creating a good working environment for their employees, adopting sustainable production and work practices, and providing customer service as a priority.

Conducting promotional events is another great way to promote company culture, giving your employees and customers a chance to be involved in a fun and interesting event that encourages employees and engages customers in a new way.

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Proven Marketing Content
When it comes to putting content on your newsletters, website, blog and social media, proven content is useful content. If your content is useful, informative and engaging, you don’t have to do a whole lot of promotion to get your customers to be interested in what you have to offer. They will be looking for that information of their own accord.

The key to providing useful information is to be honest and straightforward, and explaining how your company can help your customer with that information to take it even further. Including keywords can also be useful to help direct interested customers to your site when they are looking for you.

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Proven Market Promotions
Get proven attention for your business, increase your business and your number of contacts by running a promotion that get your customers to engage with your business. This could be a competition, an internet giveaway or a prize draw of some kind, and these competitions usually cost very little for the excellent value you get out of them.

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Whether you increase sales directly by implementing discounts or a ‘buy one get one free’ offer, or simply collect contacts for future marketing from a competition or giveaway, promotions can really raise your business profile quickly and drive up sales and profits when done correctly.

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