Creative Marketing Plan Ideas that Stand Out!

Marketing Plan Ideas for Small Business and Students

Your marketing plan is central to the profitability of your business. It is a plan of marketing strategies which are designed to project your services and products in good light in order to woo potential clients to patronize your services. There are effective ways you can achieve this target. And this article focuses on revealing these through our marketing plan ideas for businesses. Having knowledge of these ideas alone is not enough as you will need to also implement them to obtain the results you desire. Below are effective marketing plan ideas you can use;

Building a Referral Network

While providing exceptional services or products, you should take advantage of your satisfied clients by encouraging them to refer others to your services. There are high chances that satisfied clients will not hesitate to do so. To make them even more willing and motivated, you can reward them for each referral they bring to your business and who actually makes a purchase.

Position Yourself as the Go-to Guy

This is most effective if you successfully network with the press. Here, anything relating to the services you provide will easily attract the attention of the press to your business. This serves as another avenue to showcase your services and products as well as your expertise in providing these products and services. It is necessary to always be in touch with the press for continuous relevance.

Pay Close Attention to Reviews

Customer reviews will either make or mar a business. It is through these reviews that a company builds a good or bad reputation. It is important to always be on the lookout for customer reviews on sites like yelp, Google as well as social media sites. It is common for potential customers to search for product reviews before even contacting you. Hence, you should be very attentive to the types of services or products you provide, and also encourage satisfied clients to write good reviews about your services.

Google Listing

The Google listing for your business should be frequently updated with successes achieved as well as visuals of your business products and services, your employees and every other thing that contributes in attracting patronage for your business. Businesses with completed Google listing profiles tend to be more attractive for customers than those with scanty profile or information. This marketing plan idea can significantly impact on sales.

Invest in Creating Graphic Content for your Services/Products

You should never overlook the impact attractive visuals/graphics have in attracting clients. Clients are likely to purchase a service or product when it has quality visuals. If you have the skill of creating one for your business, you would have saved money. However for those who have little or no knowledge on creating graphic content, these are relatively cheap services you can hire a graphics designer to do for you.

Make Effective Use of Social Media

Social media channels offer a ready platform for you to sell your services. A social media site like Facebook which has an auto play feature for videos can be utilized by uploading videos about your services and products. It is necessary that such videos should never be too long (should range from a minute to 5minutes). The viewer may not be so much interested if the video is too long. You should make good use of this medium to convey your services within the shortest possible time.

Giving Back

This is a great way of marketing your business too. This is a form of corporate social responsibility to show that you also care about the needs of your host community or business partners. It has a way of cementing the relationship by making them trust your business.

Showing Some Appreciation

Showing appreciation to your clients is an effective way of endearing them to your business. There are several ways you can express your appreciation. These include the introduction of discounts, giveaways, sincere expression of gratitude either through banners or giving away gift card.

Reviewing your Website

This is necessary step to take once in a while. It is necessary to re-assess if your website is up to your expectations or if it meets certain requirements necessary for projecting your services effectively to your target market. This may require you to carry out variety of maintenance work either by redesigning the site or updating it with relevant content as well. Your website provides visitors with a view of your products and services.

Take Advantage of YouTube

YouTube is a video hosting site that provides an opportunity for businesses to effectively market their products. You should upload videos/tutorials about your products and services as well as providing tags where necessary. There are millions of visitors to this site. Some of these may be redirected from social media sites. Therefore it is necessary to add the links to these videos in your social media accounts.

These are some very effective marketing plan ideas you can use for your business as they have proven to attract patronage to businesses. For these to be very effective, you need to posses the required knowledge to exploit and fully execute these ideas.

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