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Executive Summary for a Marketing Plan

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for your marketing plan? What is the main purpose of the executive summary in a marketing plan? What are the key elements of a marketing plan executive summary for a new product?

Marketing can be said to the live wire of any business. In economics, it is said that production can only be complete when the goods or services reach the final consumers or end users. A product cannot get to the end users without marketing. Marketing is so complex it could be broken down into a lot of subsections. In this article we are going to discuss a vital part of writing a marketing business plan, which is the marketing plan executive summary situation analysis.

For whatever marketing model you may choose to adapt for your business, a marketing plan is highly required irrespective of the size of the business. This is the section were you marshal out your strategies to capture a share of the market. Marketing plans executive summary is often dependent on the type of product or service you intend to render, your intended audience and the size of your market which will also depend on your geographical location.

In writing a business marketing plan, your marketing plan executive summary has to be concise and short as the name implies a summary. Most investors are busy people and may not all the time to go through your entire business plan. This informs the decision to make your marketing plan executive summary as concise as possible. This is the section in your business plan that a would-be investor will go through to see if your business idea is interesting or not. This is how to write an executive summary for a marketing report:

The Executive Summary – MacDonalds, Woolworths Model

Leeway marketing is a Georgia based marketing company with a lot of mileage under her hood. By mileage we simply mean the company has done a lot of work for several companies who are now large conglomerates over her thirty five year life span. Over the years, Leeway has invented devised and adapted different marketing models and strategies for a diverse range of companies based on the different categories of products and services they offer.

Leeway‘s mission is to connect producer of commodity or services with their target audience with little or no hassle. As we all know, the most challenging aspect of production is marketing. A lot of companies struggle through the process to choose which marketing model would be best for them to sell their products or services. Some never get through this stage of production and therefore the company has to suffer for it.

As mentioned earlier, the type of product a company produces will ultimately determine the consumer audience or target market her adverts are to be focused toward. In view of this, Leeway has leveraged on her professional prowess and her vast experience in designing marketing models to key into this vital area of need in the b2b market to address the problem of marketing and provide both budding and established companies with a convenient way to market their products.

What stands us out from among other marketing companies is our innovative marketing initiatives and our ground breaking strategies, which geometrically boosts sales by over a hundred percent within the first six months. Our strategies and well tested and tried and through them we created several outstanding product brands such as Uber, Apple, and Ubuntu among others.

Professionalism is our watch word. That is why we cannot achieve these success feats without highly skilled professionals. At Leeway, we make sure we pick only the best marketing graduates for our recruitment. We organize events like competitions and auditions to enable us meet talented young and vibrant marketing graduates for our company.


It has been researched that the rate of product sales of a company is largely dependent on her marketing budget. Though marketing may be expensive initially, it is worth every dyne you spend. It is needless to say that to run a marketing company we will need a lot of capital. Over the years we have been able to raise seven hundred thousand dollars in seed funding from Google. This has been used for infrastructure, purchase of high grade and high definition multimedia devices and also for the hiring and recruitment of highly skilled personnel.

Our Products and Services

As seen from the above paragraphs, our products and services range from different marketing models of new products to reinventing new marketing strategies for existing companies. It must be said that we deal with the peculiar problem posed by inefficient sales and provide a customized solution to the problem on ground.

Further Information

The scope of this executive summary cannot fully describe our company or the scope of our business. If you are in need of further information about us you can log on to our website you can also call our contract lines which you will find on our site.

Our Keys to Success

We have several key success factors which we leverage on to ensure that we satisfy our customers and also make good profit as a business. To success as a business innovation has to be an integral part of our strategy. We also make sure we recruit only the best marketers for our team.

All said and done, the above marketing plan executive summary is only a sample to guide you through a marketing business executive summary. As I said earlier, this is only a part of the business plan. But also, it the section where investors will look at so make it as catchy as possible.

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