Small Law Firm Marketing Ideas And Strategies

5 Innovative Small Law Firm Marketing Ideas, Marketing Plan And Strategies

Although many law firms mightn’t enjoy doing it, there’s no denying that marketing is an essential component to promoting a business and increasing exposure and revenue. However, marketing doesn’t have to be confusing and difficult.

Effective legal marketing should be cost-effective, measurable and diverse, and this kind of marketing can really produce amazing results in terms of promoting your law firm and increasing your business.


So what are the essential factors for effective and unique marketing for law firms? Here we discuss 5 essential factors that go into great marketing for law firms.

You’ve Got to Spend Money to Make Money

As the old saying goes, you’ve got to spend money to make money. This is certainly true in the case of marketing for your law firm. While plenty of great marketing can be done for free, there’s no mistaking that a decent investment needs to be made to put into marketing in order to reap the rewards of increased business and brand promotion. Marketing experts say that you should spend a minimum of 2.5% of gross revenues on your marketing, and that’s not including what you spend on the salaries for those who are managing your marketing.

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2.5% of revenue can go a long way in creating an amazing marketing approach when used correctly. All of this marketing budget should go towards generating more business, creating networks and reaching out to your customers in order to take your business forward.

Optimize Online

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Having an awesome website is critical to the success of your law firm, but it’s not all there is to being online. To start out with, your website should be inviting and interesting, with good content and an introduction video to initiate potential clients to your law firm. A great website is the perfect place to show who you are to the world, and provide important information about what you do. You also want your website to show up higher on search results for search engines, and for this purpose it can be useful to invest in SEO services for law firmsto get your rankings higher.

But your online presence should be more than a website. To optimise your online reach, set your law firm up with a Facebook page and a Twitter account to start with. Depending on your target market, it might also be worthwhile having a social media presence on Instagram, Google+, or Pinterest.

Start With What You Have

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You may already have clients and repeat customers who know your company, love your work and want to work with you again. These are the people you want to cater to, because you know they are already interested in you and your services. Take a look at what you are doing now and what is working about it now. Then you can look at what other services or special offers would go along well with what you already offer.

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Get Good Content

Bringing customer to your law firm business involves drawing them in with good content that provides value and interest. While you might want to fill your website, your blog and your Facebook page with information about your company and promote your law firm, you’re going to bring more genuine customers by providing interesting and informative content on your online platforms.

Valuable content gives your clients and potential customers a good reason to visit your website and go to your Facebook page, without you having to work too hard to get people interested.

Let Your Customers Speak For You

One of the best and most popular ways for businesses to market themselves these days is through customer reviews and word of mouth. This is an extremely important form of marketing in the legal profession, as satisfied and happy clients are very likely to talk about and recommend a legal service including marketing they had a good experience with.

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Having a presence on review sites and having testimonials on your website can really help tip the favour of an unsure customer in your direction, and with reviews being one of the most trusted forms of advertising, it’s a great idea to get some good, genuine reviews from satisfied customers after doing a good job.

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