Marketing Campaign Ideas for Small Business

Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas for Social Media, Gyms, Banks, Airlines, Events and Nonprofit Organizations

Marketing forms one of the central pillars of doing business. No matter how great your business idea is, proper implementation includes doing a good job in effectively marketing the business. Businesses are fuelled by patronage. Without this, no business will survive, hence the need to advertise such business.

If you have an existing business or want to start one, this article comes handy as we provide you with some exciting marketing ideas you can use to promote your business to your target audience. Below are some of these marketing campaign ideas you can adopt;

Building Suspense

This marketing strategy continues to be an effective way of drawing the attention of your target audience. There are several strategies for building suspense. Some businesses adopt methods that include starting out as an invite-only business (thriving on exclusivity) and later opening up to everyone after generating considerable buzz. Others create suspense around their products and services by counting down the date for their product launch while advertising a long time off from the launch date.

By creating that anticipation among your target audience, you are raising the curiosity of your products and services and making them wait desperately for the product launch. Apple has mastered this art which has seen customers line up way before the product launch date.

Variety of Contents

Marketing requires the creation of a variety of contents targeted for different platforms (social media) such as videos for YouTube and Facebook Live uploads, infographics for blogs and social media, as well as audio contents for podcasts among others. Diversifying your contents ensures that you reach a diverse segment of your target audience with the message of your products and services. All of these contribute significantly towards increasing or attracting patronage which results in sales.

Creating Partnerships

This is essential to how successful marketing. Partnerships are necessary because as a business, you cannot achieve everything alone. By entering into a partnership with individuals and businesses, you are leveraging on their reach and influence as a strategy for promoting your business. There are various types of these partnerships; these include the use of social media influencers. These are persons with huge following on social media. Having these persons positively review your products or services can make a whole lot of difference in the level of patronage you attract.

Your satisfied clients are also people you can partner with, as you can ask for a review of your products and services. It does not stop there as they can also attract new clients to your business by simply telling their friends about your business (word of mouth marketing). Collaborating with other businesses is also an effective way of leveraging on their reach and audience.

Using Deadlines

People have been known to act as well as make decisions much faster whenever a deadline is involved. Using this marketing strategy for your business ensures you create a sense of urgency which undecided clients will find difficult to ignore. Whatever you want to achieve as a business by way of sales or selling off old stock to create more room for new shipments, deadlines can help a great deal in achieving your set objectives. It is necessary that you stick to such deadlines as future sales will be more successful.

Giving out Free Items for Purchases Made

In order to build and encourage a dedicated and loyal client base, you will need to introduce a system where clients are rewarded for purchases made up to certain thresholds. Having a client loyalty program in place generates interest in your clients as they are more likely to spread word about your business in addition to increasing their level of patronage.

Get Creative in Leading your Clients to Deals

To create a heightened interest on your products, it is necessary to create exciting deals and to make your clients know about these deals. A creative way of doing this is the use of adhesive footprint stickers which are glued on the floor, leading to exciting deals. To make this strategy work effectively, you will need to get specialists in floor infographics to help with designing one which is peculiar to your business needs.

Never Forget Using the Social Media

This tool offers enhanced exposure to businesses and is increasingly being targeted as a viable marketing strategy. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are some of the most popular social media platforms you can use in promoting your business. Here, you will have to use a variety of marketing strategies in creating highly engaging and graphic contents as well as the creation of exciting video content about your services. People scroll through a lot of posts, hence in order to make them pay attention to yours, it should be exciting enough.

Appreciating your Loyal Clients

Rewarding the loyalty of existing clients is highly necessary for existing businesses, as you are making them feel needed and important. Hence, one of the strategies to use is by organizing an end of year gratitude party where you unveil any exciting offers you may have. This makes them to be in the picture first.

Digital and Email Marketing campaign ideas are highly important and necessary for both existing and new businesses. This article has provided some of the most effective strategies which have proven to be quite effective. Whatever type of business you may be interested in, it is important that you pay close attention to effective marketing.

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