How To Manage Your Boss Effectively At Work


How do you manage boss at work? It is common knowledge that majority of the people who work as employees have issues with their superiors or bosses. If you are one of the people in this category, then be rest assured that you are not alone. A lot of people love their jobs, but hate their immediate boss, and this could lead to them making the decision to resign from their jobs or continue to with the job and endure the misery that comes with it.

Your boss is as human as you are, and it doesn’t matter whether he/she loves to take all the credit for a job you did, is egotistical, unreasonable, a micromanager, clueless or even indecisive, there are steps you can take or follow that will help you manage your boss developing the perfect working relationship.

Steps for an art of an effective boss management are outlined below:

6 Powerful Ideas To Design Your Boss Management Strategies

Checklist for managing your boss:

i. Be Observant – You need to observe and take note of the type of person your boss is. Is your boss a slow thinker or fast-paced in thinking? Is he/she someone who likes to make decisions on the spur of the moment or someone who takes some time to think about an idea before reaching a decision? What are his average expectations? Once you take note of all these, you may have to compliment your style of communication to theirs. Another thing to pay attention to is how your boss is perceived within the organization. Is your boss someone that is well-liked or just being tolerated or even hated altogether?

ii. Adjust your Attitude – It’s all good when you complain to your friends or family members about how crude that narcissistic boss is as it is a good way to vent any pent-up emotions you may have carried all through the day from work. But whenever you are at work, endeavor to stay focused, positive and engaged. If you can, avoid sharing your feelings or opinions about your boss in the office. Remember, walls have ears, too.

iii. Effective Communication – To communicate effectively, you need to know how your boss prefers to get informed about the progress of your day-to-day activities, depending on the section of the organization where you work. A bully boss may or may not know everything; that is why you are working under him/her. Is he/she the type of person that prefers fine details about any work assigned to you, or do they prefer you to give them the ‘general picture’ kind of information?

Do they prefer to receive your reports via email, written reports or face-to-face communication? Then, how often do they expect to receive updates about work in progress? The way you communicate or present ideas to your boss matters a lot.

Ensure you use simple, easy-to-understand language when talking, as against using technological jargon that may be infuriating. If you can do this effectively, you will have no need to repeat yourself and could even engender trust. Every human under heaven has a weak spot or is passing through issues. If you notice that your boss is the type that is frazzled, disorganized or forgetful, then take it as your duty to help them out. You need to support and assist them to succeed, for if he/she succeeds, you will succeed, too.

iv. Avoid Information Overload – Do not encumber your boss with too much information or statistical data that makes no sense to him/her. You need to be able to evaluate the information you pass across as well as provide relevant feedback. Before taking the report to him/her, be prepared, so you don’t punctuate your statements with ‘uuhmms’ and ‘aahhs’ and appear confused or incompetent. If the pros and cons need to be outlined, then describe them; present every key objective about your job. Answer any of the questions your boss throws at you to the best of your ability without using unnecessary words and any observations or recommendations you may have must be presented accordingly.

v. Decision-making – You are not probably the only person your difficult boss is managing. Therefore, any time you need a decision to be made that will affect your work, do take your time before approaching your boss calendar, emails and diary. Yes, indeed, timing is of the essence when it comes to decision-making. Whether you get a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ concerning that decision, be prepared to back up your requests with data and facts.

Ensure that you stick to the aims and objectives and be prepared to accept the outcome of any decision a bad boss makes in the long run. Whether the decision is a wrong or right one, as long as it is your duty to work on the outcome, then make sure you run with it.

vi. Finally, if you want to go far in your chosen career, going above your boss to put an end to issues is not the way to go. The complicated behavior of your boss may have nothing to do with his/her personality.

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