Make Money Writing and Selling Ebooks Online

How to Write and Sell Ebooks: Make Money From Ebook Creation and Sales

Is selling ebooks profitable? Can you make money online creating and selling digital downloads and information products like Ebooks? Do you know what selling ebooks online business is all about?

Are you interested in writing and selling ebooks for a living? Do you have something to offer the world but don’t know how to go by it? Here comes the answer to them all and other numerous questions that you’ve been brainstorming over for some time.

What is an e-book? Going by the name it is an electronic book containing information on different topics that worth writing ebooks for profit, published basically online and ready for consumption when it’s get to the portable document form known as PDF. Do you get that now? Yes, it consists of table of contents and usually has a cover page.

Creating a eBook file is one thing and selling it is another thing entirely, I shall however base on my knowledge explain thoroughly on how to get the two done without any or much stress.

One of the interesting things about selling eBooks is that you need only a copy or you write once and still sell it numerous times, eBooks are indeed an inexhaustible amount of inventory. As I said earlier, this electronic book is in file format which can be printed and also readable. The little discrepancy between this and the normal book we read is just the physical form and the former intangible form.

Creating a top selling eBook can be done by anybody in as much as you know what to actually write and publish about, put pen to paper and market them to anybody on the INTERNET.

Let me at this juncture expatiate on how you can create an electronic book. To create an eBook the following basics need to be taken cognizance of.

Technically, there are two ways you can take to create an eBook and they are;

1. Meet a professional on this field who can write eBooks that sell, let the person do it all, you pay him money and commission your project. Don’t let your cover page contents different from the words the best selling eBook contains therein.

2. Basically you can create it yourself through the following guidelines I will give you for free.

Steps to Creating an EBook

• Write tremendously and helpfully on that artistic skill you are good at or implore someone to write on your behalf if you cannot command language that easily converts your thought to meaning information.

• Convert the typed content on Microsoft word to portable document form known as PDF when necessary.

• Design a cover page of your choice after it is being converted. There are paid software for writing ebooks that you download online.

After the cover page has being designed, and it is okay with you to decide on the price that will help you make money selling ebooks.

How much money can you make selling ebooks? How much should I sell this? That depends on you. Most eBooks that are priced between the ranges of $15-$25 sells faster.

• After all has been said and done, the next thing to do is to upload and do the publishing of the project.

Where can I really sell my eBook?

The opportunity of where to sell an eBook on the internet is great and I would endeavor to list and probably explain some to you. You can also make money writing some of your highest selling ebooks for Kindle. Here are some of the best places to sell your own ebooks.

 The first place is Amazon KDP

Make Money Selling Ebooks on Amazon
This is a popular place to sell a million eBooks on the internet for more people to buy, better still if you decided to sell your eBook to Amazon KDP that means people from other part of the world won’t help but read your work.

This site gives room for creating and publishing your book after that you can tag your price. They are commissioned from the sale of your eBook and signing up and uploading your eBook is free. We have numerous writers out there that make money from this little for this reason, and you needn’t to be left out.

You can also make money selling your ebooks on Ebay.

 Create your own website

This is another place to sell e-books. Your eBook can also be sold on your website if actually you have one. You only need to undergo the aforementioned steps in creating eBook, like deciding on what to write about, converting it to PDF format, creating the back page/cover, the amount to sell it.

Once you are done you just need a payment processor that is very secure. You own the website and the website is yours for this reason you won’t have any problem in selling the ebooks for free on your own website .

 The last place you can sell your eBook is on others site

I mean you will need to inform third party about your project and through this you can make sale. The third party here is no other than other website that is not yours, you get them involved and you will need to reach out consensus with them regarding legal tender.

The major problem you can actually encounter here is finance because the sites admin may request you to pay some certain amount for hosting your stuffs. If I were you I wouldn’t look at this third option twice I will rather go for the first two.

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