How To Make Money Online With Your Blackberry

Ways To Make Money Online With Blackberry

Do you care to know how to use blackberry to make money online? Are you seeing this for the first time that your blackberry phone can be used to make money online?

Irrespective of the questions that might be bothering your mind on how to use blackberry to earn and make money online, I will succinctly explain the steps you need take to join the group of wise and sharp online entrepreneurs, who at the comfort zone of their room make money online with their blackberry.

There are much to what you can use your Blackberry phone to do than just using it to make and receive calls, play games and music, watch movies and take selfies, surf the net for latest happenings, pinging and unnecessary chatting and others without utilizing it to make and earn cool money online.

Research shows that Blackberry is one of the widely use Smartphone across the globe, it also revealed that most people making use of blackberry don’t utilize it for business purposes or transactions but rather, for social lives that wouldn’t earn them a penny.

Informatively, Blackberry isn’t a phone designed mainly for fun, though it is one of its uses but why don’t you try and explore the other sides of it by making money online with it. Bloggers and webmasters out there use blackberry in updating their blog and website – even on the go – and earn legitimately with it.

As I have said earlier, to some people, blackberry phone is just a mere phone for chatting and pinging with friends and love ones while to others it is use for business and make money online. If you will love to join this online elite, this article on how to make money with your blackberry is purposely designed for you.

Get a Huge BBM Contact

The first step to follow on how to make money online with BlackBerry is to ensure you have more than enough number of BBM contact. If I said BBM contact, I believe blackberry users understand what I mean by that (Blackberry messenger).

To get started, you will need nothing less than 1500-2000 contacts, at least, on your BBM and lucky you if have up to 6000 or thereabouts contacts on your BBM you are fully ready to go.

Since having huge amount of BBM contact is the first thing to do on how to make money online with BlackBerry, therefore, make additional friends and boost or increase the digits of your BBM contacts, this is so because; the more and the higher the number of your BBM contacts increases the better money you make online with your blackberry.

Broadcast and Make your Money

This is where the number of contacts you have on your BBM will come in to play a role. To make money online with your blackberry you will have to display, forward or broadcast adverts for organizations, companies, firms or friends to the entire contacts on your BBM for a certain amount of money.

How to Get Adverts to Broadcast for Stipend

Since the real work to earn money online with BlackBerry is to share and broadcast advertisement for companies, getting advertisement to broadcast on your BBM to your plethora contacts is so easy and simple and out of my freewill, I will dish out some helping tips to get that done.

The Two easiest ways to get Adverts to Broadcast on your BBM for Money:

Firstly, for you to get adverts to broadcast to your thousands BBM contacts and earn money, you have to create the awareness. You can write and broadcast something of this nature to all your contacts:

“Promote your brand, events, goods and services, products, and business to over 5000 or so (depending on the number of BBM contact you have) BBM users in Westham, Connecticut, Nigeria, Delhi, Seoul etc.”

Depending on your location and you can also tell your love ones about it and take it to your other social media pages, too. With this awareness, people will start reaching you out to pay you up to advertise for their company.

In addition, it is advisable you use a display name that is easy to search for on the blackberry messenger. Repel from names that are surrounded with funny letters, signs and symbols, smiley faces etc. this is because it will make it difficult for potential customers to search for you. Using your real name or website name – if any is the most ideal thing.

The second easiest way to land adverts to broadcast for money on BBM with your blackberry is by responding to any broadcast messages that includes someone else’s product or services this will make clients to notice you out and as such, fetch you some task to perform for money.

To sum it up, you need to be extremely careful and never lie to your clients that you have a great number of BBM contact, it is really a heavy risk you shouldn’t try if you so wish to earn and make money online with your blackberry for long.

This is because some of the clients are wise and may demand that you screenshot your BBM contact list as an element of believability.

I sincerely hope that by now, you must have seen that your blackberry phone is so much important to your life than just using it to play games and watch movies. Why don’t you kick start this online business with your blackberry phone and enjoy the life of an online entrepreneurs?


The truth is a lot of people especially youth make up a large chunk of mobile subscribers. Unfortunately, instead of making money online with their Blackberry phones, many prefer to use the devices to catch fun only.

How can I make money online with my blackberry?
Earning money online is not a joke. Apart from using my Blackberry for blogging business, there are other ways through which I make money online through this awesome device. Are you an internet marketer, a blogger or a web developer? You can make money from the internet following the steps I have outlined below.

So What Do I Need To Make Money Online Using Blackberry?

More contacts, more money. To make serious money from the internet, you should build your contact list. Presently, there are over three thousand friends on my Blackberry Messenger Friend list. In subsequent post, I’ll reveal secrets on increasing the number of friends on your BBM list.

The main avenue I use to earn money online via my BB is through broadcasting paid adverts to my contacts. People contact to to promote their product or services and you do this by sharing the information with friends on your list.

But How Do I Get Advertisements To Run On BBM? Simple!

Here is a tip to get get adverts placements on your BBM easily.

==> Send a broadcast like this: “Advertise your business, products, services and to more than 3000 active BBM users in Nigeria”. I reside in Nigeria so you’ll have to replace that with your country. Be rest assured that some of them would contact you to do business. At present, I charge advertisers N600 for every broadcast I send. This translates to about $3/broadcast.

==> Stick with a real name that is befitting for your business. A memorable personal or business name devoid of smileys, signs, symbols and other ‘swag’ decorations that may prevent people from easily locating your profile while searching through their friend list is recommended. Personally, I use my website name.

==> Another sure way to get more advert is by sending in a response to broadcasts that are promotional in nature.

NB – Ensure you are sincere with the size of your contact list as some clients may demand screenshots to verify your claim. You don’t want to do something that would hurt your business.

I know you have other methods to make money online using mobile phones, feel generous to share them with other using the comment box below.

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