How To Make Money Online in Nigeria

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria into Your Local Bank Account

What are some practical ways to make money from the internet in Nigeria for free? In this post, I am going to orientate and enlighten you all on how you can actually make cool money online in Nigeria. This discussion is partially in conjunction with one of my previous post on ‘How to make money from home‘ and I shall however take my time to ferret out the techniques it involve to make money online in Nigeria fast with little or no stress.

Are you so engross and can’t wait to earn money online? Have you been trying different stuffs online and couldn’t make any difference? If actually you care and want to make money online in Nigeria without paying money to start then you are on the right track by coming down here.

Online Jobs To Earn Money From the Internet in Nigeria
There are many website out there that have wrote series comprising step by step write-ups on how to make money online in Nigeria but at the end you wouldn’t see any different but today I will make sure my point are elaborate and even clearer so that you will get the picture of what I’m saying in essence once and for all.

How do I Make Money Online From Nigeria?
Without mincing words and much ado, it’s apparent that average Nigerian spent more than 5 hours with their phone clutched to their hand pressing, and some busy watching their laptop screen surfing the net on how to make money online as Nigerians but the reality is that none of them are ready to expose the secret for you.

In a nutshell, here are the top 6 ways of making money online in Nigeria with or without a website.



You only know how to buy products online, right? Have you shop on or the likes? Okay, you actually don’t know they buy stuffs online? If you don’t know then I’m telling you now, if you are versed in any artistic skills but don’t know how to make real sales, it’s advisable if you can visits some online hub for the sales of your precious work. We have many places like,, and others, visit various media outlet that specify their niche, sell your stuff to them and you will count your money in peace.


There is no gainsaying the fact that sport betting is now a trend between young and older youth of Naija these days. Thanks God the popular football leagues in the world we soon commence and you can happily place your money on any of your choice with nothing less than ₦100 and if you are lucky, with that token you incur in the betting, you can scoop ₦100,000 or there about.

Funny enough, just a prediction of scores, corners, saves, foul loss and other jargons you can think of in sport, predict it correctly and have your money, not negotiable. I would love to discuss with you some other day on how to place money online for sport betting, are you in for this online business in Naija? Wow! I know football lovers will surely go for this.


You can make money online in Nigeria through websites. Don’t you think and ask yourself that what is the reason behind Azeez Makinde the chief executive officer of Naijaloaded success, how does Linda Ikeji start her blogging? Why does Nairaland keeps leading other online forum and host of other website ? Their success is as a result of definite niche they specialized on.

Sorry you are lost, right? I mean Linda Ikeji base her blogging on celebrity stunts, Nairaland is basically a forum discussion and the likes, so if you actually want to make money online through blogging, then you need a unique niche that is rare to venture into.


Do you know how to dye and tie so well and at the same time you can go thus far by putting your skill into writing? If yes, you could create an electronic book known as e-book to reach people how to dye their clothes.

Do you know any business idea that can make one hit a jackpot in a Nano seconds? Put it into writing and create an e-book before you know, you are in money.

I know the idea of how to create one will be bothering your precious mind by now, I would have love to pinpoint on how to create one, if time call for, I shall discuss this fully in my next write up. However, creating an e-book is another way you can really make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime.


You get that, right? Yes, I will love to talk about this again but it will be brief, why? You can earn up to ₦50,000 online from home in Nigeria here, writing to get paid is what the concept of freelance actually mean. You can be a freelance writer for a media houses by furnishing them new story or news event as it’s happening in your environment and you will be getting your pay per story.

On the other hand, you can be an online freelancer for blogs owners whereby you will be writing those articles, I mean plagiarize free contents before you know it, you would have hit a jackpot.

However, though not exhausted the above explanations if not the best are one of the best ways you can trust to earn money online in Nigeria without capital.

Stay cool!


How To Make Money Online In Nigeria Fast

The best and encouraging way to make money online in Nigeria is to tap from experts and this is exactly what this article is all about. Be patient and you will be introduced into the newest ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Do you need the exact procedures to follow on how to make money online in Nigeria? Are you searching for the require criteria on ways to make money online in Nigeria?

If so, then I’m ready to proceed. There are 101 ways to the topic, “how to make money online in Nigeria” but I’m going to unveil the best ways involve to make money online in Nigeria really quick.

To make money online, there is this major inevitable element that must be at your possession every now and then, and it is the device you will need to explore the Internet; a working and internet connected personal computer (PC) or a smart phone at very least. Immediately you have this, you are ready to go.


Yes, affiliate marketing is one of the surest ways to make money online in Nigeria. You can do this on the go. Here, it doesn’t matter if you have your own personal blog or website, though, owning a website could also be an added value.

This affiliate marketing system do not even require you to have or come up with any product of yours to sell. It is just a simple way to make money online in Nigeria.

To get started, you need to sign up for any referral program that interest you, after that, all you need do is to refer your friends and families to such websites in return to sign up for that same program, fill out a form or buy a product depending on the type of the program, and that’s all. Having done that, you will be entitled to get paid for every individual that you refer, cool, isn’t it?

Let us take for instance now, some credit card companies could pay you up between $5 – $20 as your commission for each and every visitor you refer to them to fill out a full credit card application and nothing less than $50 will be awarded per person whose applications is approved.

So, in case you sign up into any referral / Affiliate program, there is going to be a unique code or link that will be given to you, yes that is the magic, it is the link you will use so as to make the sales.


Blogging is an online business that has been embraced by many to break through the dreadlock of financial crunch. To make money online in Nigeria, blogging is another way to make the dream possible. Blogging is just an act of writing.

It is a form of online book of record that enables individual to share his or her view, thoughts, perspective and interact with others through their various comments on the post. The way and manner by which people blog on the internet in Nigeria these days is jaw dropping, owning an online blog is one of the real steps to making money online in Nigeria.

There are many niche in blogging, it is ideal you identify the niche that suit. Among these niche is football blog, entertainment blog, fashion blog, freelance blog, news blog etc.

Choose wisely on which suit you most and get things fire on. You can make money online from this blog via many ways, among them are advertising for people or company through google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and better still, you can also promote your own brands and products there.


There is no gain saying the fact that, customized bulk SMS is an online business that is lucrative and profitable here in Nigeria. It is an online platform where customized SMS can be send in bulk or to several people and/or groups.

Do you ever notice the messages you received from your bank, network providers, association, political aspirants etc. that is where the message comes in, you wouldn’t see any phone number displayed except the name of your bank or the network provider like MTN NG? That’s the work of bulk SMS.

This online business deals with sending customized messages to millions of people with just a click on the MOUSE. It is no a small business; you make your money in thousands.

Bulk SMS service is being patronize by NGOs, Politicians, associations, Schools and colleges etc. for disseminating information or creating an awareness for a particular product launch.


This is another substantial way you can trust to make money online in Nigeria. Are you worried when I just mentioned selling digital product? Well, what I actually mean by that is selling products like eBooks, software, online videos and audios, game etc.

These digital products are not something tangible, they are just a file. When people buy it, you will just issue out the link to download it to them and that’s all. There is nothing like packaging or shipping them out to the respective owners in this online business as such it involves little maintenance compare to physical products.

Freelance writing job

Are you skilled in generating contents of 1000+ words without getting bored? Can you write a unique, meaningful and excellent article without any traces of plagiarism?

If yes, that means you are qualified to make money online in Nigeria. You can earn massive money online in Nigeria by generating contents for bloggers and website who are ready to pay.

To get started, all you need do is to surf the net for any website or blog that allow guest post and pitch them to showcase your writing prowess. You never can tell, you may land your first ever client who is ready to offer you gigs with handsome paycheck through the guest writing.

So, put your resources together and pick up the pen. This online business isn’t a bad idea, you can offer your writing service to someone in India while sitting at the corner of your bedroom in Nigeria here, hence making money out of it.

However, If you are with me all this while, you should have by now see where and how to make money online in Nigeria.


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Discover The Fastest And Easiest Way To Make Money From The Internet Everyday!

Making money online in Nigeria is easy if you know how to go about it. A lot of Nigerians search the internet for opportunities of making money online from home with little effort. While some are looking for profitable online business ideas to start, others are interested in low cost online business ideas they can start at little or no cost in order to start making income online.

In this post, I will be sharing a list of ways to make money from the internet as Nigerians. You will discover how to earn money everyday from legitimate online businesses. This list will also tell you more about methods of making money online here in Nigeria and show you how you can get into web entrepreneurship including those online businesses you can start with no capital.

How To Make Money From The Internet Quick
==> Blogging
==> Traffic and SEO services
==> Google Adsense
==> Direct Ad Placement
==> Web Development Services
==> Site Flipping
==> Online Marketing
==> Affiliate Marketing
==> Information Marketing
==> Niche Marketing
==> PPC Marketing
==> CPA Marketing
==> Email Marketing
==> Mobile Marketing
==> Bulk SMS Services
==> Web Hosting Reselling
==> Developing Business Apps
==> Logo And Banner Design Services
==> Blogger And WordPress Blog Setup And Customization
==> Sponsored Facebook Posts And Twitter Tweets
==> Domain Name Flipping
==> Article Writing
==> Selling Products and Services on Fiverr And SeoClerk.
==> Social Media Page or Profile Management


How To Make Make Money Online In Nigeria – Internet Business Opportunities

The Best Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria Legitimately 
Truthfully, there are various ways and manners through which one can make money online such as investing, trading stocks etc. But the fact is, only few of them are workable here in Nigeria. Though some ‘smart’ Nigerians do want to bring ‘backyard’ formulas to make them work for Nigeria, the fact remains that many of such aren’t reliable. Do you know you can even make money with your blackberry and android phones?

But amongst the numerous ways through which Nigerians can make money through the internet legitimately, these five mediums are reliable. They include: freelancing, information marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and blogging.

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Many Nigerians had used them to amass wealth for themselves. So, we can confidently talk about them.

GUIDE TO: Start Internet Businesses From Home With Zero Capital

And in case you are still among the numerous Nigerians not yet aware of the possibility of making money online fast, I want you to know that not only is it possible to make money online in Nigeria, but it is also possible to turn online business into a highly profitable, full-time commitment.

SEE: Top 18 Internet Businesses Requiring Low Capital Investment

Let us talk about five simple ways to make money on the internet in Nigeria.

1. Freelancing:

Make people make money online in Nigeria without a website What Am I saying? Freelancing simply involves rendering services such as ghostwriting, website design, graphic design, and data entry to clients online. Clients can be found either on freelance outsourcing sites ( such as,, etc.) or on other platforms such as online forums, social media and other sites to make money online in Nigeria. These clients pay per project rather than paying a fixed salary. And yes, keep this in your head: THERE ARE NUMEROUS CLIENTS IN NEED OF DIFFERENT INTERNET SERVICES.

So? Simply learn this skills, and go make money.

2. Information marketing:

Knowledge is power! People want to make money on the web. Not only the whites are keen on learning new things – Nigerians too are.

This model of online business simply entails packaging valuable information into e-books, e-courses, or videos, and selling it online to people that will make them better in life. Ebook on how to make money online in Nigeria are the commonest forms of information products. Videos (such as fitness guides or language lessons) are also becoming increasingly popular.

Can I participate in this business? Yes! Do I know anything? Yes! That thing you know, others needs it, and many of them wouldn’t paying you for it.

3. Affiliate marketing:

You see, internet business isn’t a kind of ‘money falling from somewhere stuff’, it is actually a business, using the internet as it platform.

In offline business, when you bring a customer for a seller, you will be paid a commission. That’s the same with online business. When you help someone sell a product, you will be paid a commission.

GUIDE: Choosing Profitable Affiliate Programs – What You Should Know

An affiliate marketer makes money by promoting products or services created by another individual or business (the merchant). Each time a new customer referred by the affiliate marketer completes a purchase, he earns a specified commission. The commission could be a fixed amount or a specified percentage of the sale amount. This is one popular method if want to make money with or without Google Adsense.

4. E-commerce:

This method simply involves creating and running an online store where physical or digital products are offered for sale. You know, in offline businesses, the seller have a shop or store where he or she displays the products.

Online stores are becoming more popular because Nigerians find it more convenient to buy things over the Internet from the comfort of their homes or offices. Jumia and Konga are examples of e-commerce businesses in Nigeria.

You can create a simple site (or hire someone to do it for you) and display your products there. In fact, you don’t need to have products to sell. When someone places an order, you can easily buy offline and send to the person.

5. Blogging:

EXPOSED! 10 Powerful Secrets Of Successful Bloggers

There are different ways to make money on the internet but another smart way to make money online is to set up a blog, which is a simple, easy-to-update type of website designed for frequent updating. Usually, a blog focuses on one or few topics. As the blog is promoted and updated frequently with new posts, it will attract more visitors and build a loyal audience over time.

When you have lots of traffic, you can monetized your blog through selling advert slots to interested advertisers or through other methods. Truly, blogging is one of the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria even as a student.

So, that is all. You can make more inquiries about the ones you want to go into. Just ensure you read more resources on them, and you are good to go.

Bookmark this post. Watch out for an update where I will be shedding more light on these online businesses. How do you make money online as a Nigerian?

More Business Opportunities:

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