Starting a Bulk SMS Business

Interested in small bulk sms business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a bulk sms business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How To Make Money Sending Bulk SMS

I am pleased to introduce you to this world of silent millionaires. A world of distinguished millionaires and entrepreneurs in Africa who make lump sum amount of money daily, weekly, monthly partaking in different kinds of legitimate bulk sms business. I call this world the bulk sms world.

Bulk sms business is a business which involves you providing an avenue for people to send sms in bulk with an assurance of having a profit in return. Bulk sms can also be defined as the act of reaching thousands of people with one click at a more affordable price compared with the telecom service providers.

The demand for bulk sms has been on the increase for quite some time now. Making money using bulk sms is easy, just that some people don’t understand the process while some others who understand the process are not fully utilizing it.

People now use bulk sms to connect to their loved ones, complement during festive seasons, buy and sell goods. Companies even use it to communicate to their customers. Some market women use it to reach their customers, international businesses use it in reaching their prospective customers, various organizations and associations use it in communicating with their members, some politicians use it for campaigns, etc.

It has taken control of the sms world. If you are the willing to start up a profitable business with little capital, then, a bulk sms business is just standing by the door waiting for you to invite it into your house.

One thing about this business is that it can only be sent through the internet. Nevertheless, being in this business does not require any formal qualification, you only need nothing more than a pc or an internet enabling device. Being part of this profitable business is quite easy, it is important for one to first understand how it works.

Understanding how it works gives you an insight. It is just a matter of logging in, typing your message and clicking on the send button. Forming this business is simple and profitable, and one who wants to form such business should follow these procedures:

KNOWING YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS: If you are looking to start your own bulk sms business, the first step to take is knowing your target customers who are the church, the mosque, market women, business men and women, companies, associations, organizations, university students, lecturers, computer teaching schools, etc. Knowing this gives one something to look out for in the business one is trying to embark upon.

ADVERTISE: You can’t start this type of business and just sit at home doing nothing. Advertise your product so as to create that awareness in the market. Start printing handbills, booklet. Start with a minimal price so as to attract customers. Your ability to advertise and relate well in this category of business will determine how many customers you will have.

CAPITAL AVAILABLE: This word “capital” has always been the excuse for most of the dead dreams of today. Imagine how painful it will be when somebody tells you of this wonderful idea he has been having for a long time now then you ask him why he hasn’t started, then, the next thing that comes out of his mouth is“no capital”.

It is appalling! What many people fail to realize is that starting any business does not necessarily require having that large capital. You can start a bulk sms business with the little capital available to you. So if you have that little sum and you are looking for a lucrative venture, this is a better option for you.

COST OF SERVICE: After you must have start up this lucrative business, the next step for you to follow is to discuss your cost of service with your potential customers. You must address this issue. If for example, you buy at 70kobo/sms, it is not a bad idea selling at 1.50kobo/sms. It means that for every 10,000 units sold, you get #8,000 profit. Isn’t it lucrative? Sure it is.

BUYING THE SMS UNITS: After discussing your sms units with your potential customers, the next step is to purchase a load of the sms units for the future because you may get an order anytime. It is advisable you buy in large quantity.

LOCATE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: Yes, pitching potential customers increase your chances of profitability. Pitching them involves you reaching out to them, informing them about your business and explaining how bulk sms can ease their stress of sending sms to a large number of people with a large sum. The secret here is to inform them of the benefits attached.

Making it big in this area of business involves having many customers and having very big customers.

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