How To Make Search Engines Like Your Blog

How To Make Your Blog Appear in Google Search

Ways to To Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly: Are you worried that your blog does not appear on search engine? Have you been trying different methods on how you can appear at least 10 top on search engine?

Search engines are used by many individuals to search for various topics of their choice, to make popular search engines find your blog, you have to do the following:


To have search engines recognise your blog, you should be consistent in dropping fresh post on your blog. You must write on a regular basis and keep your blog updated. Find a time schedule that works for you, it could be weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.

The focus here is to stick to your timing and post a fresh content consistently. As often as you update your blog, the more frequent it will be liked by search engines as it will constantly pop up whenever anyone surfs the web in search of related topics in your blog.

Also, the number of words you use in your blog post will also aid it to be liked by the search engines. Don’t publish any content less than 300 words.


As a writer, your blog must have keywords which it is associated with. These keywords are words you frequently write on or mention in your post often times and wishes to be identified with those whenever anyone is searching through the search engines for related topics.

These keywords most times are typed in the search bar in a phrase form, like a query. For instance, “How to engage your audience “. In order to achieve this, you have to identify your own keywords for your blog, make a list of them and apply these profitable keywords or phrases in your various posts for search engines to like your blog.

More so, these keywords could be applied in your headings, titles, text, alt text, even behind your images on your blog post.


Using links in your blog is a practice that would ensure that your readers are directed properly to your site or other pages on your website. In your blog post, always use a call to action: Get my free EBook now, please sign up to our newsletter, we’d love to hear from you, contact us, then link these request to the appropriate landing page on your blog.

Hence, the links ensures many clicks brings your readers to other post, shows your blog frequently on search engines and eventually search engines will like your blog.


Starting out to blog, it is essential that you put your blog at the forefront where your target audience and readers visits often. Ensure that from the first time you drop a post in your blog, that you submit your blog to search engines and directories.

Submit to Google and as well as Bing which are most frequently visited. Bloglovin , Spillbean and many others are blog directory which you ought to submit your blog to and be easily found by


Putting your blog post up is one and making search engines to like it, is another thing. So many times, you write a post that is so long but has super content which is essential information that your readers are in need of, but the length could be a put off to a reader who ends up picking the few points found at the beginning of your post and wouldn’t go further to read down.

So, to ensure your readers get glued and read along to the end and most importantly get the whole information and return without be bored; make sure you break your blog post into short post by making use of headings or subtitles.

The headings makes to easier for a reader to locate particular key information in your blog post without having hassles. It also makes your post simple and organized. Moreover, the blog post will be interesting to follow to the end and search engines identifies with it easily.


An important part of a blog that makes search engines like your blog is having a comment box for each of your blog post. The comment box is where your readers drop feedbacks; complaints, questions, etc. So, it is a platform to engage with your readers because it grants you the opportunity to hear from them on what they feel about your post, an immediate action from you is ensure by replying each comment. You can add Facebook comments or get comment widget from Wix app market.


A blog post that bears essential keywords tags in it and is properly added in the right category inside your blog will be easily found by a search engine. As you write your post, map out the relevant categories to be found in your blog, then place the related post ranging between 15-20 post in each of their category they belong to.

Keyword tags are important and they describe a blog post more uniquely and could be up to 5-10(even more tags) on each post. Add the keyword tags and categories, your blog will be search engines friendly and will be liked.


Visit other blogs and always drop comments in different blog post as you engage with the writer or blogger of the post. Again, If you are constantly going through blog post that are related to your niche and more especially the topics that are related to your topics which you shared in your blog, it is expedient you comment in such blog post because as the blog is visited, your blog is easily identified by search engines and will draw users to your blog which has related topics.

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