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What is the cost of a Lumosity subscription? A lot of people have the notion that it is only their body that needs to be maintained and stay fit through exercises. They do not realize that the brain, which is as well made of muscles can also be trained and exercised just like the other parts of the body.

The brain also experiences wear and tear, just like the body, as time passes by. When you have this information at the back of your mind, you will understand the importance of giving your brain a proper mental exercise which cannot only be limited to the usual games you play. The brain needs to be subjected to new challenges through constant stretching of the mind to work harder than its capacity.

It’s the year 2017 and a lot of people are already familiar with the Lumosity game, which has been quite popular since it was invented in 2007. However, for those that do not know what the game is or its purpose. Lumosity was developed by a company and it is claimed to be a game that helps the player train his brain. If there is a game that could help you train your brain to work to its best capacity, you then might want to know how much this game goes in the market. Hence, what is the cost of Lumosity?


Does luminosity cost money? When you subscribe to Lumosity, you will be involved in playing about 40 different games. The maker of the game claims it was designed to improve your memory, attention, flexibility and ability to solve problems. As at the now, the game has about 100,000 subscribers.

The biggest selling point of the game is that it can be conditioned to fit the need of the subscriber. The game works by instructing the player on what they want or what they need to work on, it will then create a training plan that is based on the information that the player has supplied.


Lumosity is based on neuroscience. The company made that claim on the commercial they released about the game in 2013. The founder Michael Scalon obtained a PhD at Stanford, which he later abandoned to found the company which now boasts of about 70 million trainers across the world. They also have a presence in about 180 countries across the world.

According to the company, they are the best brain trainers in the world. The company also claims setting a few minute to play their games will make you smarter, sharper and brighter.


How Much Does Lumosity Cost In 2017? When you subscribe to Lumosity, you will only be offered a basic membership for free. This has limited features and games just like most other applications and softwares. This indicates that you will not be able to get the full features of the game except you pay. So in order to have an access to the full features of Lumosity, you will be expected to subscribe to a paid plan. So what is the cost of Lumosity?

The company has not changed the average price of Lumosity over the years. The subscription rate still goes for $14.95 in a month. If you subscribe for an entire year, the cost of Lumosity will be slashed to $6.95 per month. This will total to about $83.40 in a year.

They also have a 2 year plan. This will further slash your monthly payment to about $4.99 in a month and will sum up to a total of $119.76 for the 2 year period. If you also decide to go for the lifetime subscription, you will only be paying $299.95


It is possible for you to subscribe to a family plan where you will be given the opportunity to add up to five members of the family at the rate of $25 in a month.

You can also show kindness by purchasing a package for loved ones, especially on their birthdays and other special occasions. Lumosity can also be purchased for members of the family that are recovering from illness, especially ones that are related to brian development. This will assist them to pick up fast.


The reports coming from the users of the game and the researchers seem to be a mixture of negative and positive reviews as to if the game actually works or not.

According to a professor at Stanford University, Shelli Kesler, Lumosity works. This was what she concluded after her research on some breast cancer patients that were on chemotherapy.

What she observed in the research was that patients that played the game had their word locations improved and they also recorded improvement in the processing speed and processing function.


If you will need to buy Lumosity you will need to sign up on the company’s website. Here you will have access to the free version. You will be expected to download the game’s App on either your iPads, iPhone or Android devices.

To upgrade to the paid version, you will need to make payment online with either your debit or credit card. There are a whole lot of packages to subscribe to, depending on your spending capacity.

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