Long Tail Keyword Tools to Find Profitable Keywords

Here are the best paid and free long-tail keyword tools and other  free tools or software for finding profitable low competition long-tail keywords for your blog.

Best Keyword Research Tools For Content SEO in any Niche

Are you finding it hard to know profitable long tail keywords with low competition to use to get your site ranking top on Google and other search engines? Many people often make the mistake of targeting direct keywords rather than target long tail keywords. This is wrong!

Do you know to find low competition long tail keywords using free tools?

Because trying to rank with a short tail keyword can be quite difficult for certain websites, especially for websites that are new, due to the fact that there is a lot of competition and this short tail keywords (STK) are targeted by bigger websites. And for you to rank high with short tail keyword, you must spend a lot of money.

Now, let me show you the difference between a long tail keyword and a short tail keyword. This will help you to know the kind of keywords you’ve been targeting and also to know the type you should be targeting.

Short Tail Keywords (STK)

Short tail keywords like the name implies are key keywords that are short and generic keywords, example of such keywords are shoe, SEO and Traffic etc.

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Long Tail Keywords (LTK)

These type of keywords are just the opposite of short tail keywords and there are more targeted than the short tail keywords. Example of long tail keywords includes:

If you notice, I picked out that short tail keywords ‘Nike shoes, SEO, and Traffic’ to make long tail keywords that are also targeted. These are what searchers type on search engines. So, when you target long tail keywords like the examples I made, you’re more likely to find your ideal readers and clients.

Now the question might be, how do I find long tail keywords that are profitable? If that is your problem, worry no more because I’m going to expose to you best long tail keywords tools that will help you find profitable keywords for your articles.

As I’m about to tell you these long tail keywords tools, note that not all of them are free, some of them are paid tools. And I’ll explain each of their features for you.

So let’s begin….

Long Tail Keywords Tools for Profitable Keywords


KWFinder tool is a new keyword research tool in the marker. And because of its features and functionalities it offers, KWFinder is one of the best tools for you to use.

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Personally I love KWFinder because it provides you with all the important data about a keyword. This includes letting you know the difficulty level of a keyword and also let you find long tail keywords that are easy to rank. To get the full details on KWFinder, I’ll advice you run a search on it.


SEMRUSH is the best SEO tool ever made to find keywords in which your competitors are ranking for. No wonder it is the most highly recommended SEO suite tool from the SEO guys.

One thing I value so high about SEMRUSH is that it does not work like traditional keywords research tools because it helps you to quickly find long tail keywords from any website with no guess work.

So, if you’re looking for where to make long tail keywords research, then SEMRUSH is the best stop for you.

You can find more information about SEMRUSH by using the Google search engine. SEMRUSH is a paid tool, but it is also made available for the first 14 days, so that you can decide ether to use it or not.

Google Auto-Suggest

Google Auto-suggest is a free long tail keyword research tool by keyword tool dominator, and this tool can confidently take the default Google auto-suggestion feature.

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So using the Google Auto-suggest is really fun and time saving, as it is possible for you to download keywords suggestions by the tool in .CSV format.

You can now after getting the keywords, pick out any of the keyword research tool to find important information of a keyword. Do you know how to find long tail keywords using google keyword tool? Watch out for my next post.

WordTracker Keyword Tool

This is another cool and popular keyword tool for generating profitable keywords and niche with the keyword details like the search competition, how many search queries the keyword receives, the AAT (Keyword in Anchor and Text) along with the Keyword effectiveness indication (KEI).

WordTracker Keyword tool comes with a paid and free plan. So with the free account, you can get up to 100 keyword results. This tool is really great because long tail topic ideas can easily be found.

The paid version of WordTracker Keyword tool comes with countless of advanced features like:

  1. Saving your keywords list.
  2. Getting wonderful details like competition details etc.
  3. You can see up to 2000 search results.
  4. You can also access the search engine’s data using SEMRUSH.

So above are the best long tail keywords tools for finding profitable keywords and niche. Do you know of any tool I did not mention in the article?

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