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A business can be defined as an economic system or management, whereby goods and services are swapped for one another or for money. For the swap, the system known as Trade by barter was the norm and it was widely practiced in earlier centuries. With the advent of money in the nineteenth century, goods and services were exchanged in order to earn a profit.

From the earliest businesses, the norm involved customers interacting physically with sellers and providers, usually at a fixed location. The emergence of the internet and world globalization, business transactions typically occur over the click of a mouse, from any part of the globe, without buyer and seller having to meet in person. Moreover, businesses are birthed specifically to meet a need.

Such a business must be structured to meet that particular need, at minimum cost, in order to maximize profit. Nigeria is widely perceived to be a haven for businesses because of her large
population (market size) and the availability of human and natural resources.

The following business blogs in Nigeria are blazing the trail in the area of business reporting. They have garnered a reputation for providing trustworthy and updated information regarding
investment opportunities, prevalent political and economic policies and other relevant statistics affecting the business climate in Nigeria:

I have compiled a list of top Nigerian blogs that focus on business. You should visit if you are scouting for business ideas to invest in or need to build your entrepreneurial skills.

The top Nigerian business blogs in no particular order include:

List Of Top 10 Nigerian Blogs For Business And Investment

This blog lives up to its name, as it provides in-depth analysis and reviews on critical areas of business and economic sectors in Nigeria. It also serves a rich offering of columns that deal with sundry economic matters.

This is a blog that puts the spotlight on the business climate in the agricultural sector of Nigeria. It provides information on best agricultural practices for both animal and livestock farming. It also provides business plans and feasibility studies for the would-be investor in Agriculture. One can find as many agricultural business ideas that is profitable and capital intensive and extensive.

A blog that provides awareness and an understanding of the critical factors that are essential to the start-up of any business in Nigeria. The hands-on approach adopted by the blog makes it an attraction to the savvy investor, looking to set up a business in Nigeria.

This blog has one of its great appeal, a beautifully structured website site, that states it mission and vision themes. It has carved a niche for itself in the area of providing reliable data and analysis for the consumption of the business public in Nigeria.

Contrary to its name which would lead one to thinking it dwells solely on petroleum , this blog is actually a pacesetter in all matters relating to the overall energy sector in Nigeria and also provides relevant information touching on financing and its sources for that sector.

Kudos must be given to this blog for assisting many Nigerians, with the means and contacts, to starting their own businesses, in the space of time it has existed. More plaudits for this blog for
attracting direct foreign investment as a result of the reliable data postulations it renders on the Nigerian economy.

This blog prides itself on helping Nigerians, with little or no experience, in setting-up a business in Nigeria. It achieves this through the provision of business plans and feasibility reports, as well as insider information on certain business sectors in the country.

This blog leads the way, in the provision of the latest business opportunities that exist, in the light of reliable business data and analysis, as well as the comprehensive business plans that meet the investment needs of the entrepreneur. It also deals on areas one can make money doing business online and offline.

9. is currently ranked as the foremost business blog in Nigeria, by Google. This comes as no surprise because the blogs offers an array of business and investment information and opportunities, via a well structured and easy to navigate website.

This is a blog that is carving a niche for itself in the area of personal finance and investment .It provides the latest information and tips for the sole investor, in an assortment of business enclaves.

On the contrary, that I did not mention any other blog like yours does not mean it is not among the top Nigerian business blogs. As far as you keep delivering value to your audience coupled with consistency and determination, the future is bright.

Hope this would be useful for your search on business opportunities and ideas? You can go through our blog for any business ideas and opportunities if you do wish. We have them in stock.

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