Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria – Complete List

Online Shopping Websites in Nigeria: Full List of All Nigerian E-commerce Stores

Are you looking for online shopping sites in Nigeria where you can securely patronize? Have you been thinking of opening a shopping site in Nigeria where you and online marketers can sell online products? With the way Nigerians has been patronizing the numerous online shopping sites, now is the best time to put up one for business purpose.

The Online Retail shopping sector in Nigeria is gathering momentum and breaking new grounds. This is due in part to a growing class of middle and higher income earners, who experience increasing access to the internet and a wealth of information that informs the choices they make in the purchase of everyday items and goods.
In addition, the practitioners in the retail service sector are successfully managing to deploy newer technologies and effective marketing strategies in making available buyer/seller platforms that meet the ever changing needs of the market place.

These factors have led to what can be termed as the e-Commerce shopping experience. This list of online shopping sites are signature players in the online retail stratosphere, and are making giant strides in offering products and services online in Nigeria.

The goods traded on these online shopping sites range from phones, washing machines, electronics, male and female wears and shoes, books and other sundry items. Here are list of online shopping sites for your consideration and they are as follows:


This is one of the leading online shopping sites in Nigeria, as they have revolutionized the online shopping space, thereby attracting a large and loyal customer base.

As a shopping site, Konga do sell products at discounted prices, and also offers coupon codes which makes it the first in the online shopping industry. Products on Konga are attractive even as it boasts of excellent nationwide delivery.

The customer’s peace of mind is assured as the shopping site carries out due diligence on vendors on its online shopping platform, thereby guaranteeing that only genuine products are traded on the site. Its customer and after sales support structure is top-notch, thereby delivering on the holistic customer experience. Konga also offers the option of payment on delivery services nationwide. This shopping site homepage can be visited at


This is another veritable player and a trusted online shopping site in Nigeria also across the African continent. This online shopping site has collection points in major cities in Africa.

This online shopping site, delivers their products with a high sense of professionalism, while prioritizing customer’s satisfaction. With an avalanche of discounts and promotions, Jumia Nigeria is positioning itself as one of the foremost online shopping sites destinations for qualitative and affordable products via a trusted payment platform.

The online shopping site is presently working on achieving nationwide delivery to better meet the needs of the consumer. The webpage of this online shopping site can be visited at


This is an online shopping site that offers exciting promotions, affordable products, payment on delivery options and compelling customer services. A unique feature of this online shopping site is that it permits vendors to trade their wares and make good profit from them. Visit this online shopping site at for your consideration.


Yudala is an online shopping site that captured the interest of the consuming public. They were the first to introduced Black Friday sales which happened online and offline concurrently. Such sales usually afford customers the opportunity to purchase goods and items at hugely discounted prices.

Yudala online shopping business seems very well adapted to Nigerians, still grappling with trust and ethical issues surrounding payment on delivery for online orders. This online shopping site has launched a number of retail shops in major cities of Nigeria and it plans to establish its presence in other cities.

In a short space of time, this online shopping site has made a name for itself in terms of prompt service delivery and excellent customer support service.


Vconnect can be termed among the successful pioneers in the running of a business directory website, which eased the search for both online and offline businesses in Nigeria. It has since delved into the e-commerce space, offering an online shopping site.

Customers can be assured that shopping on this site will mean doing business with a company that prioritizes consumer’s right, whilst offering excellent pre-sales and after-sales support.


Dealdey, as an online shopping site, has achieved great renown for affordable and great product. The site has displayed a deep understanding in e-commerce business and as such, has prioritized consumer satisfaction in its dealings.

The online shopping site also offers excellent customer support service, boosted by an efficient delivery network.

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