Government And Private Television (TV) Stations In Nigeria – Frequencies, Locations & Owners

List of Government and Private TV Stations in Nigeria – Televisions Stations In Nigeria

With the lifting of restrictions on private ownership of media houses in Nigeria, especially the television stations, the Nigerian broadcasting industry has witnessed an unprecedented growth that has greatly contributed to the emergence of diversification within the industry. The restrictions that were common place had stifled growth within the industry.

Today, freedom of the press has led to the emergence of several new TV stations, both private and government owned, leading to balanced reportage on critical issues regarding our National life. This article will be focusing on listing some of these government and private television stations, providing other details that include their owners and their coverage.

Government stations in this article may refer to either Federal or State. In the event that such are being used, a clarification would follow. Also, we will be dividing them in two groups, consisting of government TV stations and Private TV stations.

Government-Owned Television Stations in Nigeria

There are several government owned television stations in Nigeria. These are owned by either the state government or the federal government. Every state within Nigeria has a federal television station located within it, as well as a state television station. These government-owned television stations include the following;

  • The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA)

This is a federal TV station found across all the states in Nigeria. It is owned by the federal government, and some states have more than one NTA station.

  • Plateau Television Corporation (PTVC) a state owned TV station
  • Anambra Broadcasting Services (ABS) founded by the Anambra State Government
  • Lagos Television (LTV) founded by the Lagos State Government.
  • Taraba State Broadcasting Corporation (TSBC)
  • Osun State Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC)
  • Enugu State Television (ETV)
  • Rima TV owned by the Sokoto State Government
  • Kebbi TV owned by the Kebbi State Government
  • Ondo State Broadcasting Corporation
  • Delta Rainbow Television (DRTV) the Delta State Government owned television station
  • Akwa Ibom State Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC)
  • Niger Delta Television (NDTV) owned by the Bayelsa State Government.
  • Ogun State Television (OTV)

These among several others not mentioned are state-owned television stations. For the Nigerian Television Authority, which is spread across every single state in Nigeria, it is owned and operated by the federal government, and is sustained under a budget provision made available by the federal government through the ministry of information and communications.

Private-Owned Television Stations in Nigeria

In recent years, the media industry has witnessed an unprecedented influx of new privately-owned television stations. This has opened up the market for competition, as they all compete to provide cutting edge broadcasting services to an ever increasing and selective viewership audience. All sorts of innovations have characterised their modes of broadcast delivery.

Today, we find all sorts of innovative programming the moment one tunes to any of these television stations. All these are possible because of the level playing field provided by the government through the diversification of the news television broadcasting. Some of the private-owned television stations in Nigeria include the following;

  • MITV television station: Founded by Alhaji Busare Gbade Murhi. Its location is in Lagos
  • TVC and TVC NewsAlso known as TV Continental, owned by Alake Dele, this private television stations operate from its base in Lagos.
  • Silverbird Television; The silverbird television Having locations spread across Lagos, Rivers, Plateau State, Abuja, and other states, came to existence through the ingenuity of its founder and CEO Ben Murray Bruce.
  • Super Screen Television; This TV station is owned by Kayode Out Otunba and has its operational base in Lagos.
  • Galaxy Television; This television station is located in both Lagos and Oyo states.
  • Channels Television owned by John Momoh has its locations spread across Lagos, Kano, and Edo State.
  • Cool TV; the cool TV is owned by Mousalli Amin. It has its operational base in Lagos.
  • ITV owned by Igbinedion Osawaru Gabriel and located in Edo State
  • MBI also known as the Minaj Broadcasting International is found in Lagos and has Onwuanibe Ubaka.

These among several other private television stations abound in Nigeria across the 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory, providing robust and updated news events, including current affairs, and entertainment, as well as other innovative programming and advertisements.

Mode of Broadcast

There is a new trend of broadcasting in Nigeria powered by the digital broadcasting drive by the federal government which encourages all the television stations in the country to switch from terrestrial broadcasting to digital broadcasting. This has greatly helped in increasing the presence of these television stations across the country.

A privately owned television station like TVC News for instance which had previously no physical presence in state like Bauchi till date is able to beam its services through the use of digital broadcasting equipment to transmit signals to cover the entire state.

All a viewer needs is a set-up box or a satellite installation to access these television services.


Government and privately owned television stations existing side by side is a feature that has come to stay. With advantages that include the provision of balanced reportage, it has led to the introduction of best practices into the Nigerian broadcast industry.


This is a list of free-to-air television stations based in Nigeria. It also includes the states, year of creation, name of owner and type of ownership of all TV stations in Nigeria. Africa Independent Television was the first privately owned terrestrial station in Nigeria is prominent among the list of TV stations in Lagos Nigeria. Which is the first private TV station in Ibadan or Lagos Nigeria?

List of Government TV stations in Nigeria 

This are the government owned television stations in nigeria:
NTA All states in Nigeria have at least 1 branch of NTA     Federal  Nigerian Government    1977
LTV Lagos State     State     Lagos State Government     1980
Delta Broadcasting Service
Delta State  State  Delta State Government  1994   The Voice
of Delta
OGTV     Ogun State     State     Ogun State Government     2003
AKBC     Akwa-Ibom State     State     Akwa Ibom State Government     1996
ABS     Anambra State     State     Anambra State Government     1994

List of private TV stations in Nigeria

Galaxy TV     Oyo State, Lagos State     Private         1994     Reaching out for the Stars
Channels TV     Abuja, Lagos State, Edo State Kano State     Private     John Momoh     1995     Upholding your right to know
AIT     Abuja, Lagos State, Ondo State, Borno State Edo State, Kebbi State, Gombe State, Kano State, Jigawa State, Katsina State, etc     Private     Raymond Dokpesi     1994     Sharing the African Experience
Silverbird TV     Abuja, Lagos State, Rivers State     Private     Ben Bruce     2003     It’s all about Entertainment
MITV  Lagos State     Private     Alhaji Murhi Gbade Busari
1998     The Soul of Entertainment
TVC     Lagos State     Private     Dele Alake     2002     Your link to Entertainment
TVC News     Lagos State     Private     Dele Alake     2012     Through African Eyes
Super Screen TV     Lagos State     Private     Otunba Otu Kayode         SuperScreen for culture, for family
MBI     Lagos State     Private     Ubaka Onwuanibe         Simply the Best
ITV     Edo State     Private     Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion     1997     Certainly the Best
COOL-TV     Lagos State     Private     Amin Moussalli     2012     Tv For Everyone

This is a list of all TV stations in Nigeria. Share.

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