Linda Ikeji’s Biography: Childhood, Education, Career, Education – Story of Her Life


So we all know Linda Ikeji, the owner of the famous Linda Ikeji blog, model and writer who got her big break through hosting a blog that dwells mainly on News, Events, Entertainment, lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Inspiration and Gossip. Through this blog she has been making millions online through blogging in Nigeria.

Born in 1980 and the second child of seven children and hails from Nkwerre L.G.A of Imo state and was born and raised in a catholic home. These are all things that we all know about Linda Ikeji and her career, but there are loads of other things that we do not know about her some of which have to do with her background.

Therefore I would be giving you her biography and some things you did not know about her.

Linda Ikeji began writing when she was 10 and the fictions that she wrote received appraisal from her family and friends. She was quite good at writing even at a tender age, I guess this is responsible for her success as a writer and also her keen interest in news which was a rare attitude among teenagers of her age.

Her love grew for news and entertainment and it pushed her to apply to study mass communication in the university but instead she was give admission to study English language.

Linda Ikeji was not born with a silver spoon but from a very humble background and to reduce the burden of raising six other children she took up jobs while in school to be able to meet all her needs, now imagine being in school with all the assignments and things to study and still working ten hours after school as a waitress, or ushering at event, modeling and bartending.

Who would believe that the very successful Linda Ikeji had to do all of these to support herself in school, it goes to show that human circumstance is not in any way a determinant for success.

In the spirit of creating a niche for herself she picked up modeling in 1998, she modeled while schooling in the university of Lagos and she modeled for numerous brands like “rose of Sharon” a label owned by the former president of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria, an oil Mogul and Nigerian billionaire Folorunsho Alakija.

She was at ECOFEST and also did commercials for some companies even though she gave up in 2005 she was able to get a great deal of experience from her modeling career , she became a fashion columnist for some upcoming and struggling celebrity magazines she gave this up also after two years.

She graduated from the university in 2004 and tried as much as possible to venture into journalism and to help her do this she introduced “black dove communication” her media company which was a company that was into advertisement and modeling. She said her inspiration for that name was Silverbird and also because her best colour is black.

She picked up interest in being behind the camera rather than being in front by managing her agency, signing models, equipping them by training and getting jobs for them. She also started a magazine which she regards as her true passion, she called it FM &B. and its first issue was in 2006, but when she realized how cost intensive it was, she only published two editions afterwards.

She officially started blogging in  2006 and in that same year an article was done about her by Bella naija which is a very popular Nigerian blog. With this she decided to take her writing to another level. Her blog began to develop full in 2007 and she began to share so much information that fascinated her readers.

Five years after her blog has developed into one of the most visited blogs in the country, most people rely on her blog for news on anything like fashion, celebrity gossip etc. her blogging story wasn’t always successful, in fact she never thought that blogging was going to be something she could rely on as a steady source of income.

When she started, as a new blogger she always asked and pleaded with companies, organizations etc. to run ads for them but five years afterwards the tables have turn,  And it is entirely amazing. Due to her success, she recently bought a house on Banana Island, two brand new cars which she said are her dream cars, and other businesses that she has been able to accomplish.

Linda Ikeji is a philanthropist and also engages in charity work, she runs a charity organization and through this project, she assists girls between the ages of 16 to 25 who are willing to venture into entrepreneurship.

Her work has suffered criticism over the years, she has had instances where she was accused by celebrities for snooping into their private lives, some say she spread false information on her blog, some have even attacked her based on her personal. One of such attacks is on her marital status, there have been some little controversies on her being single and all.

But she is yet to meet her ideal man and would want someone who is hard working and would be able to take care of himself and not depend on her all the time.
Linda Ikeji has created a niche for herself through hard work and persistence which goes to show that blogging is indeed profitable.

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