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Do you need info about Lifetime Fitness family membership cost? Are the membership levels and fees negotiable? Do student discounts exists?

Life Time fitness has so many fitness centers located at different parts of the United States and Canada. The company is located in Minnesota, Minneapolis, but it is quite popular across the country. This is due to a whole wide range of services that they offer, their amenities and also the fact that they run around the clock service in most of their locations.

Life Time Fitness stands out from so many other fitness facilities in that they don’t only offer basic services, they also offer personal fitness training, family, sports and also run a child care centre as well as so many other services that cater for the needs of the individuals and families. So what is the Life Time Fitness Membership Cost?


Where was Lifetime Fitness started? Life Time Fitness was established in the year 1992. The company was founded by Bahram Akradi, who since the establishment remains the CEO till date. The company was initially incorporated in Minnesota as FCA, but with time had a name change to Life Time Fitness. Their first location was in Minnesota and it took no time for other locations to be opened in the surrounding areas. It is not hard to locate Life Time Fitness Centers in major parts of the metropolis these days, and each facility can boast of modern and standard facilities to help fitness enthusiast keep trim.


How much does it cost for lifetime fitness per month? The membership fee that a member will be required to pay will vary from location to location. Although the range is between $90 to $100 on a monthly basis. However information can be gotten on their website on the Life Time Fitness Membership cost in your local environment. You can also take your time to visit the nearest centre to you.

Another interesting thing about the company is that you don’t even have to pay for a long term membership as they make the payment flexible for their customers. If you so wish, you can decide to make your payment on a monthly basis. And not only that, the company as well offers a 14 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the services you get with them



  • Initiation Fee $79
  • Single Club access (Monthly) $62
  • All location access $77
  • Full Year payment $935

Life Time Fitness Membership Cost will vary depending on what you desire. Individuals that seek for the fitness centre’s membership will be presented with options they can choose from, whether they want to pay for a full year or on a monthly basis. The initiation fee is same for all types of membership and this is just $79. And for those that are seeking for the single club access, they can get it for as low as $63.

If you have the means to pay for the full payment a year ahead, the Life Time Fitness Membership fee will then be $935 and this seems to be a very good bargain considering the quality of the services you are set to get for your payment.


  • Initiation Fee $79
  • All Club Access (Monthly for 2 people) $121
  • Additional person $20
  • Full Year payment $1,500

You might have a reason to want to go for the family or dual membership. It not only comes with a Life Time Fitness Membership cost that is quite affordable, but it is quite more convenient for families that have kids and may have difficulty to get to the gym because of these kids.

It is quite rare to see fitness centres that offer Child Care services, even ones that have programs to keep them occupied and motivated while you have your blast at the gym.

The initiation fee for this package is also standard at $79 and just for two memberships. Access to the club on a monthly basis for 2 people will also be in the range of $121. An additional member will cost $20 per month. Only children above the age of 12 are accepted as members of the gym.

At the same time, members that have the means to make a onetime payment for their Life Time Fitness Membership will part with a yearly payment of $1500. With this kind of package, the member will save some money and also good for members that have the plan to visit the gym with a partner, friend or member of a family.


As a Life Time Fitness member, you are certain to get a lot of benefits attached to your membership fee. These will include Group Classes, which will give you the access to programs and classes that will be based on your interest, which include yoga, swimming, group fitness, cycling and so on. As a member of the fitness center, you get these services without having to pay extra.


To locate a Life Time Fitness Center close to you, you can visit the company’s website and input your local environment. You can also check in the business directory of your local district.

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